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  • On the subject of being warned

    Town Guard: Pssst, I know who you are. Hail Sithis!
  • This is your local MabiConnus Weather Forcast!♫♪♫♪

    Sebastian wrote: »
    FayeKaiba wrote: »
    Even if the player did pay for them, they were never intended to be used in malicious ways.
    Also, I find it funny that people were so panic-witchhunt driven-pitch folk flying over people getting a few extra bone dragons, yet encouraging this kind of behaviour at AFK events. Do the game a favor and next time there is something you think is unfair don't make threads, if you're going to support someone killing players at events like this.

    I don't think botting for Bone Dragons correlates with causing havoc with monster urns. At all.

    It's definitely apples to oranges, but I do like the logic of "it's all okay or none of it is". We can't get into a rage and rant about exploiters abusing what should be a nice event, then turn around and abuse a different nice event. And while to "some" people, this is as simple as "boo hoo exp is easy to get", some people have jobs and other things requiring their attention...or maybe this is just a nice place for the community to afk in without being scared of a dragon appearing. Either way, this is hypocritical if we're promoting one and condemning another. Both are scummy things to do, memes aside.

    The first time I see a Dragon go full on Skyrim on a beach of Milletians I will laugh my butt off, and hope half of us arent afk and able to stop it. The novelty dies after the first one though, immediately.
  • PayPal transactions, and a disagreement. thoughts?

    Oho, I see how it is. If we talk about the real reason, our post gets deleted.

    To answer your post OP, the reason the person was wary of you was because he was afraid of you being a Snow Imp. You see, Snow Imps have been going around lately using Lorna's Gold Boxes to buy massive amounts of Giant Potatoes. You might be wondering, "How can Snow Imps make so much selling Giant Potatoes with Lorna's Gold Boxes" and that's a very valid question. The answer is that they go to make a Banner Imp and sell all of their Giant Potatoes in ch1 Peaca Dungeon for 70-80% of what the natural price is. Because of this, Brown Foxes tend to buy them without paying much attention, and then the Banner Imp will give all of his Alby Arena Coins to the Snow Imp before Nexon inevitably hits the Banner Imp with Spear of God. The Snow Imp will then take all of the Alby Arena Coins and use them to purchase a Stiff Stimulating R7 Bipennis.

    Any novice Red Succubus who is trying to sell Giant Potatoes the normal way can't keep up with the market and should be warned to invest in either the Hot Springs Monkey Fur market or try buying and selling Alpaca Wool instead. If you are going to sell Giant Potatoes anyway, I highly recommend you only sell them to Mysterious Man you trust, or at the very least sell them to Young Tarlach and not Adult Ruairi.

    And whatever you do, only tell Succubus Kristell when you're selling them, because otherwise you'll get Monkey Mask Akule at your doorstep at 4 in the morning asking if he can buy one more Giant Potato for his Barbaric Fox Scythe...because Potato Gathering is his only coping mechanism for Goddess Morrighan and him fighting and his extended time sleeping on the Single Sun Bed.
  • On the subject of being warned

    Hellkaizer wrote: »
    just because I see it all the time, Freedom of speech basically just means the government can't arrest you for things you say.

    Freedom of speech =! Freedom of repercussions. If it was that free I'm pretty sure you'd hear cashiers telling customers to * off more.

    And yet when the cashiers get told every ugly thing under the sun, I see 0 repercussions and instead a free meal given to the customer. What a wonderful world.
  • Events lead to Exploitation

    It's empty, they do this every time. Notice the composer's name is an alt with the express purpose of scamming. It's not the event's fault, it's just a con. Report and carry on.