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  • With the 2h update...

    Luckily you don't use dura with FH
  • Mabinogi Has Been Taken Over By Ewoks

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    My motives? ~ I first came here in defense of "Nexon" (dumb yes, I know). ~ I was wrong. -- I should not have defended them. ~ They are 1000000000% guilty, as charged.

    Their actions do confuse me a lot recently, eapecailly around this situatuon (not just yours but the start from Greta's and Gaea's complaints up to yours).

    You are right about one thing this probably won't be the last of this happening and you three certainly won't be last to be subjectated to this.
  • Mabinogi Has Been Taken Over By Ewoks

    That was not my point you're assuming that I think it excuses it, I dont.

    I just wanted to point out to @Solsticee who he was talking about before more context gets lost.
  • Re:zero boardgame ticket box.


    Let's be honest here, we have NO legal rights to this game , we only have privileges from the TOS to let us use Nexons game of service free to play model.

    The right to have them open based on morality does not mean squat to the company sure it looks bad to you but legally speaking we have no right to those boxes.
  • PayPal transactions, and a disagreement. thoughts?

    They aren't talking to/about you , if you read OPs post she mentions the person blocked out in red is a her

    Unless you mean you do want to talk about red person but honestly their post is just talking about how OP did not want to do a PayPal trade and how understandable it was since it was scam prone just like GTCv said but in a much lengthier kind of like bronzebeaks response.