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  • Why do people constantly insist that mabi is dying

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    If we throw everyone together from all four servers into one server, ...everyone will be crying about lag and not being able to log in (because the server is full), on the forum. People will piss and moan because Ancients are impossible to find without having .."at least 28 channels like we have now"... ~ You know it. ~ We all know it. ~ Nexon knows it. ~ ! ! ~ Some people want the game to die (I certainly don't) ..., they also want you and me to die and their family to die and their neighbors to die, because they have serious issues and don't belong unsupervised. :trollface:

  • All these chain slash skills...

    Siodhan wrote: »
    1.Anchor Rush: Useless
    2.Chain Crush: Useless in a party
    3.Chain Impale: Useless when it causes deadly
    4.Chain Sweep: Useless when there isn't a giant mass of enemies on screen that haven't been lullabied already
    5.Death Mark: Useless outside of really really strong enemies
    6.Dorcha Conv: Useless in combat since you can just keep hitting things without killing yourself
    7.Dorcha Snatch: Useless on a skill bar
    8.Spinning Slasher: Useless in conjunction with displacement
    9.Raging Spike: Useless in conjunction with displacement
    10.Chain Burst: Useless for anything but battles with ridiculously tough monsters while you have any dorcha at all to spare
    11.Bachram Explosion: Useless because it's not charged whenever you actually need it

    genuine question. Do you even play this talent for fun lol?
  • Called it.

    Pretty sure Ena was a troll
  • Steampunk is going to be...

    Greta wrote: »
    People still arguing over virtual loot box? Okay... o-o

    True to you it might seem stupid to keep on arguing over pixels, but the notion changes quite a bit when colossal amounts of real life money are thrown into the mix no matter if you are pro gacha anti or just want more outfit bags.

    This conversation involves more than just the players but also the company and their motives for doing so. Its taken more seriously because its probably one of nexon biggest cash grabs and ofc being a collection of mostly capitalist nations ( mostly NA ) in some capacity anything with direct money involved is going to incite debate.
  • Steampunk is going to be...

    Buffalos wrote: »
    With how often they push out new outfits, I don't see much reason other than "MAXIMIZE ALL THE MONEY BECAUSE WE CAN" to at least not do outfit bags every now and then. It's a company, and I understand that profits are always to be considered, but you'd expect at least a little consumer input in a company as big as Nexon Korea, ya know?
    Trythis wrote: »

    I mean there HAS to be some reason why they choose more and more gacha, if outfitbags used to be great financial stability so the reason MAY not be that its just enough and they MIGHT want more than enough. none the less there must be a reason why they might think just gachas make more money than gachas released alongside with outfitbags.
    MAYBE they just want nothing but maximized profit with little effort also there has be a reason for this otherwise they wouldn't be doing it is where im getting at.