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  • Steampunk is going to be...

    Buffalos wrote: »
    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    I didn't say anything about commissions drawn directly from (or strictly from, or only from) gachapon. ~ Don't sit there and pretend they should (or ever would) not attempt to make a profit from their investments, or pretend they have droves of 3D artists lined up to provide them with never-ending free art and no intentions of ever making money from it. You can't seriously be that slow. Can you? What other method does Nexon have to reap a profit from their investment (aside from the seemingly worthless VIP service that's literally falling apart?).. ~ How do you suggest they make a profit from their investment if not from gachapon?

    Here's a good start.
    They managed well enough in the past with outfit bag sales coupled with gacha-exclusives. Fun suggestion: make the hydra skin set and hat+wig combos gacha exclusive and the 'normal' set an outfit bag. Or maybe make an entirely different looking set of fashion to be put in gacha that 'looks better.' This isn't hard to make or do when Korea is seemingly pumping out outfits three times a month.
    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    ~ Have you ever designed a 3D model?

    You're trying to take a high road that does not exist. I've done some model making and know it's hard, but that doesn't excuse the current marketing method they are using when something else worked perfectly fine in the past.
    EDIT-I love putting the word NOT when I meant IS-

    That idea would be nice. jim ( he has tons more videos on how companies want to make as profit as possible with little effort ) explains a trend through some companies is they cater mostly to if not exclusively to whales.

    Now im not saying what nexons intentions are im just guessing, if you had to choose between outfitbags or gachas which would net you more money, the gachas would. Its become certain they plan to implement less or stagnant outfitbags .

    So its easier to cater to JUST whales and dolphins than whales dolphins and low spenders.

    I mean there HAS to be some reason why they choose more and more gacha, if outfitbags used to be great financial stability so the reason MAY not be that its just enough and they MIGHT want more than enough. none the less there must be a reason why they might think just gachas make more money than gachas released alongside with outfitbags.

    Maybe the lower population has made them more dependant on whales, I guess compared games like MS ( maple story ) mabi has been on the backburner MAYBE. Theres a lot of factors that I probably missed as to why they shifted more and more gachas but what MIGHT be certain it still boils down to profit over revenue
  • Steampunk is going to be...

    TheOthic wrote: »
    I want to know what causes the 4 exhaust pipe hydra skin
    Gaea updated the first post with what I assume every piece of equipment, I see no cylinder

    Judging from the hydra reskin picture I think it works like the imperial cosmic outfits with raincast ( makes it a colorful storm ) or a maybe its 2nd, but im still leaning more on a non weapon equipment

  • Best weapon/talent to complement Chain Slash?

    Id say alch for tons of CC ( crowd controls )
    magic for damage added to it
    Or gunner ninja and puppets for varying degrees of CC and damage mixed in.
  • Don'tcha think this is pushing it a bit, Nexon?

    @Hardmuscle while I think you aren't wrong, hazurah probably might have said something similar to what I said in their defense. Kind of like being a step ahead of them.
  • Don'tcha think this is pushing it a bit, Nexon?

    TheOthic wrote: »
    Hazurah wrote: »
    you all can say "over 100 gachas i only got 2 or 3"
    but what will happen in the future? more of these probably will likely to become more and more common on future gacha
    Excuse me I think you dropped this :smirk:

    Even though I dont agree with hazurah, at least they arent speaking in absolutes. Keywords likey and probably but if they outright saying it will happen then I do consider them a good candidate for the tin foil hat