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  • Worth getting back into?

    Zarozian wrote: »

    Hey just because I came back and destroyed a good handful of those crappy cone eared sand turds who laugh like an electrocuted hamster, doesn’t mean that they are no longer out there breeding and multiplying beneath the sands of Filia while we are distracted by the black dragon.

    They’ll be back. And before you know it, one of them will be humping your leg. Mark my words @Gaea , we need another great purge. We have to finish the job and wipe out all the elves this time! >;(

    are you and nonskiller still out there being trolls?
  • Character Appearance Log-in Issue

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    @Trythis ~ Often times bugs will linger on for years because the people reporting them don't do it properly. It's not always as simple as telling someone, 'hey look, there's a bug, fix it'... ~ Knowing there's a bug does little if you don't what to do about it (or how to reproduce it). This is why it's important for people to adhere to the posting rules when reporting Bugs & Glitches in the forum. ~ I don't mean this thread.

    If the bug you mentioned had been better presented, 4 years ago, it likely would have been addressed a lot sooner.

    Not going to lie I thought you were darkpixie for a moment
  • All these chain slash skills...

    Siodhan wrote: »
    1.Anchor Rush: Useless
    2.Chain Crush: Useless in a party
    3.Chain Impale: Useless when it causes deadly
    4.Chain Sweep: Useless when there isn't a giant mass of enemies on screen that haven't been lullabied already
    5.Death Mark: Useless outside of really really strong enemies
    6.Dorcha Conv: Useless in combat since you can just keep hitting things without killing yourself
    7.Dorcha Snatch: Useless on a skill bar
    8.Spinning Slasher: Useless in conjunction with displacement
    9.Raging Spike: Useless in conjunction with displacement
    10.Chain Burst: Useless for anything but battles with ridiculously tough monsters while you have any dorcha at all to spare
    11.Bachram Explosion: Useless because it's not charged whenever you actually need it

    genuine question. Do you even play this talent for fun lol?
  • Steampunk is going to be...

    Greta wrote: »
    People still arguing over virtual loot box? Okay... o-o

    True to you it might seem stupid to keep on arguing over pixels, but the notion changes quite a bit when colossal amounts of real life money are thrown into the mix no matter if you are pro gacha anti or just want more outfit bags.

    This conversation involves more than just the players but also the company and their motives for doing so. Its taken more seriously because its probably one of nexon biggest cash grabs and ofc being a collection of mostly capitalist nations ( mostly NA ) in some capacity anything with direct money involved is going to incite debate.