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  • Coming back... Maybe..Why do you still play?

    Not worth getting back into, no. Most of us are either delusional, pining off nostalgia, or invested so much time and crap into this game that we may as well go down with the fiery inferno and wait for the flames to be smothered. I m not saying the game can't still be enjoyable, but most likely unless you p2w hard or you're very casual (which given the sheer amount of gacha-only outfits being heavily inflated half the time might still bite you as-...buttox) you'll probably find the whole experience of improvement and gain to be more frustrating than pleasant.

    and if you're a masochist well... you're in good company, I guess.
  • A Grand Horror Story

    Your friend has a gambling problem.
  • Is it true there will be a server merge soon?

    Xiokun wrote: »
    And to sort of chill on the server merging threads so we don't scare off new comers peeking into the forums. :p

    The character creation menu will do that for us.
  • Game's become too bloated for its own good?

    It feels like alot, but the variety can narrow down pretty quickly, since you start prioritizing what can make you some gold or is this worth my durability or do I even enjoy this? More old features will hopefully get revamps like Dan testing. I just don't get why it took so long for someone to sit down and decide,"Hey maybe we should fix this thing no one even hardly does anymore."
    For stuff like the dragon egg game or that scathach wave bonanza, pop a more appealing and up-to-date rewards table and balance out the scaling so the difficulty fits the new rewards. Badda-Bing Badda-Boom, something people will actually do again.
  • Server Merges

    The game would be fine if reoccurring issues were more focused on, older content was revamped to better fit the scaling/economy, and the afk/login events (so much focus on that status quo, smh) were lessened for something more interactive among the players (i,e snowball battle just... try to make it less exploitable lol) just give some good rewards and that'll be incentive enough for people to get off their butts and actually do it. Seriously, revamp alot of the stuff in this game and you'd have a lot more interest to log on going around, but it won't happen because NA Nexon is NA Nexon and all they care about is milking that sweet sweet whale money.