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  • dude

    I hereby randomly adopt thee as my pet-slime. Now I just need to find out what happened to my pet-Letus...
    Habimaru wrote: »
    Say what...? I wasn't angry, how-ever, anything that comes across as «sarcasm» is sometimes a habit that some people have unknowingly.
    Crims wrote: »
    I was gasping at the clash between you two. I don't think I have seen you angry like that before. Or have I? I don't know anymore! XD
    I thought you were supposed to be kind to the ladies Bliss.
    Wait, what, you mean, all this time, I wasn't aware that said forumer was/is actually a she!? O_O
    (For the athletic-training question, let's just say that it was similar to ninja-stuff, but without the weapons, other than staff, broad-sword, and dagger)
    Everyone's gender here is slime based.
    I'm not a bad slime ok?
  • The Most Important Mabinogi-Poll ! (Entertainment)

    JJ wrote: »
    I come back for the story line whenever there's a generation update. What would that come under?
  • Endgame contentent

    Max out all of your Squires' stats... I still have the other three to go after I complete Max-Stat status with these three but I still need to actually get their Divine-Equipment Crafted at some point (for them to Equip ?) as well... even though I was originally going for 3000 of each stat so that they could «carry» me in the Baltane-Elite missions, each stat apparently has a cap of 900, and I already figured out how to clear each and every single Elite-Version of every Baltane-Mission, including the more difficult ones of Counter-Attack, Avalon-Bridge, and Knights of the Round Table, and can now do so consistently. Baltane-Bombs make it even faster. Had no idea how useful those Baltane-Bombs were and all of this time I was even struggling to barely clear some of the more difficult Baltane-Elite missions with like literally two seconds or so to spare on the clock sometimes but now I don't have to worry about «cutting it close» now that I know how/when to actually put the Baltane-Bombs to use.
    Mizuko wrote: »
    Get Crusader Level to 225.

    Kind of have to agree with you in many ways... a time used to exist where we actually had to make our own potions if we weren't buying the 30-point potions from NPC-shops (edit/addendum: or obtaining and keeping them as rewards from difficult dungeon-grinds). Ever try running content with no potions ? For the life of me, I, myself, also cannot comprehend why they decided to start handing out potions like candy and render the Herbalism/Potion-Making skill(s) unprofitable (actually, now that I think about it, maybe they decided to «ruin» the «crafting market» in order to make it so that only Magic-Craft & Hillwen-Engineering became the only «in-demand» crafting industry). We used to have player-stores sometimes set up in convenient places (such as near the Taillteann mission-board) that often stocked and sold stacks of 100-point potions, and even 300-point potions used to be semi-rare, but now we practically never have to worry about running out of potions (although a lot of people, for some reason, also had a historic habit of never carrying any potions around with them, believe it or not). Also, even the Gems of size 5.0cm used to be super-rare, historically only available as a reward from high-contribution-point-result raiding, and there was no such thing as gems that were bigger than 5cm, so, yes, I even mentioned it in another post before, that «spreading the wealth» may be okay to an extent, but that they've really gone over-board with handing out far too much things that we should already be able to produce ourselves anyway (particularly when S-Class Rewards for Shadow-Missions such as The Secret Underground Waterway end up being what are now common items).
    Holyspellz wrote: »
    Man im new here but all i ever see is folks crying they want things spoon fed. Ever think maybe they want you to grind for something? Everyone is QQ vet as it is so lets make it rain new gems so all the spoiled players push it to dead content a month within release. Idk what gaming world everyone comes from but the game on easy street isnt fun. I love vets, i like a grind. You just want max stuff for free so you can afk in dunbarton with your kax ego. Its so silly. The gem argument will ruin metallurgy vet dungeon and any other method to obtain cuz it wont be "worth" it cuz u can just afk for better rewards
    May as well ask nexon to just make your ego max lvl day one. But youll cry then theres no challenge. I hope they dont do an event
    Heck i hope we dont get the mining area. Stop being lazy and actually work for something.
    Even leveling is easy im 10k been in this game for 3 weeks. If you cant be bothered to farm gems you shouldnt get a high lvl spirit weapon. Simple.
  • Please add a Body Weight Changer Item

    This is not a bad idea at all. Nothing about it is «Pay to Win» considering that it is entirely cosmetic.
    Absolutely no sane businessman in his right mind would be against having something like this in their game-product.