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  • Too Late to start?

    What you expect ? Nobody in the world is left with any attention-span that lasts for more than a couple of sentences (very few anyway).
    And not everybody is a peace-maker, but if we need them, I suppose it's still not too late to start (or for me to resume) if we feel it necessary.
    Although it was many posts ago I did interject once or twice about refraining from sarcasm between some forum-users.
    Apparently that actually worked to «diffuse» the potentially rising mud-flinging between them as the forum-user saw it within himself.
    Mairu wrote: »
    I feel like this is getting off-topic... :(
  • Too Late to start?

    If this was amongst your «favs» you will have plenty of experience/memories to gain/create & finally explore what you couldn't before. I also see various people on occasion «tutoring» new players so you should be able to find someone willing to help you (although it doesn't sound like you're necessarily «new» so much as that you're just «starting over» but it is unknown at this time since how long ago). Should you decide to resume/re-start, although I assume you would probably already know this, I would recommend of course doing the following things first-and-foremost...:

    ➡ Obtain Bags (may need to start with some of the basic ones from the General-Shops then eventually move up into bags such as the Rose Wreath Tia Bag, Luxury Equipment Bag, Simon's Clothing Bag, Kaban Bag, Kyururu Bag, Birman Bags, etc., some of these being more affordable/available than the others, but at the least there should be plenty of Rose Wreath Tia Bag Coupons available from the Auction-House)
    ➡ Clear Saga I Episodes 1-10 (for the Pegasus Pet-Whistle)... possibly with multiple characters on the same account for more Pegasii
    ➡ Obtain whatever «useful» rewards that may be available from the never-ending on-going back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back events if you need them (or for selling for quick gold)
    ➡ Clear as many Generations as possible... your character will become much stronger due to how your power grows exponentially from G20+
  • Current lv200 Worth It?

    Only if you have time-consuming skills to skill-up that you wish to skill-up quickly.
    L200 makes the talent-bonus gain yet another 2x bonus for skilling which is essentially like a 4x for the talent.
    Make sure you have the materials ahead of time if possible if it's an ingredient-consuming Life-Skill.
    Combine it with 2x Training Potions, multiple versions, like All-Skills, Life-Training, and you get even higher multipliers/cumulatives.
  • Allow VIP Inventory to hold bags.

    I always considered that there ought to be «House Lockers» that could act like storage-units (perhaps accessible from the home-steads). Come to think of it now, why do the Banks own nearly all the storage-space land (i.e.: houses), and Milletians can only rent & not build/buy their own permanent «item-stash that only takes up one slot in the grid regardless of the size of the item» space...? Houses aren't even popular for item-listing any more (nearly ALL «search» transactions are via the Auction-House now; even Kiosks no longer see much use from the «search» function).

    Ain't it amazing how Milletians are able to amass such HUGE sums of Gold-Reservers into their Bank-Accounts, yet, for some reason, they aren't able to buy up or engage in, err, ahem, the «Monopolistic-Practices» of «buying out storage-space and/or commercial-resources» that such wealth should be able to afford ? Maybe it's just the «business-man/entrepreneurial-spirit» in me but I would literally go about negotiating with who-ever happens to be the «head-honcho» of the lands (or at least find the administrative-procedures) for obtaining/acquiring or even making a «business» out of «building space» & constructing more «storage-units» that maybe the less-ambitious Milletians could buy/rent from my storage-unit or something similar business.

    Were I to talk to Queen Eirawen about it, for example, I would have to explain to her that maintaining, developing, and upgrading some of my equipment can get very expensive sometimes, and that I need even more and more efficient ways to keep my operations and activities funded, especially, given the «history repeating itself phenomenon» of «looming threats» appearing upon the lands every now-and-then, and, even if I am «profiting» from the «business» ventures, the kingdom and such could/would still benefit from it greatly given my entrepreneurial-minded spirit that has plenty of ideas for «re-investing back into the Kingdom which gave me so much support» that continue and continue to «develop» the society/civilisation (similarly to how that «Main» character in the Honzuki no Gekokujo animé came up with plenty of «profitable» ideas that gained her the favour/trust of both Merchant & even a bad-ass Noble).

    Disclaimer: Yes, I am aware that one can just create extra characters for another Bank-Space slot, but I think that there are now so many different items in existence that it wouldn't necessarily be unfair for there to be a sort of «Bank-Expansion» option available (even if it had to be unlocked via Quests, obtained from Event-Items that are maybe similar to how those Draw-String Pouches add another «Line» of inventory space to certain bags, but maybe be more like «pages» as I described in this other thread that apparently got moved over here to «Feed-Back» for some reason...).
  • Let's talk about commerce (:

    There's no need to re-invent the wheel. The concept of the commerce-system was interesting in some ways, but, the rewards from newer content has out-classed any incentive/demand to run commerce-quests other than for the sake of Adventurer-Seals. The Adventurer-Seals are at least something that should still continue to maintain on-going value given the grindish-nature that compels the obtaining of Skill-Training Seals (rather than spam-farming now-useless and obsolete-neglected dungeons like Karu), and Expiration-Removals from Enchant-Scrolls (and maybe a few other things).

    If anything, I think it should be based on a «real» economy of actual consumption-production, and even allow for Milletians to produce/manufacture «goods» that they can then «contribute» into the commerce «economy» to be delivered from one region to another. Unfortunately, most of the world is absolutely clueless about what makes for and develops an «economy» given all of the mis-information that leads many of the «college-educated-indoctrinated» to falsely assume that «investors getting lots of money from the stock-market» some-how equates to a «good economy» ...what if ALL of those «investments» were for things like...: a «prison-industrial complex», «war» against other nations, the «sales» of «psychotropic» drugs, or even the «assassination» industry...? Would that make for a «good economy» to put 25% of the world in prison, obliterate 100% of the buildings of a foreign country, and cause permanent brain-damage to 50% of the youth-population, solely because it «props up» the «stock-market» ? I can tell you for a FACT that it does NOT «increase» the «happiness-level» of the vast majority of the population... even IF «legally» it is defined as «legitimate profits» that make «share-holders» (i.e.: investors) receive larger dividends.

    Sorry, I did not wish to go on what might be deemed a tangent, but I need to lay the proper ground-work and «foundation» for what would make the «Ducats "Economy"» more sensible & legitimate... rather than basing it on «arbitrary» numbers or the «stock-market» model revolving around Wall-Street. It would make sense if the materials being transported around were used as ingredients to produce a number of those items that get sold from the Ducats-Shop, and, for that matter, perhaps even more items could be added to the Ducats-Shop in the future (rather than having them spat out from Gachapons or Squire Supply Boxes). Archers have to use up so many more arrows these days to clear content than in the past, such to the point that the NPC-shop quivers are now somewhat obsolete or lacking in capacity, given that «stacks» of arrows can be obtained from other sources which stack not only up to just 500, but also 1000, and sometimes even 5000;

    I would consider introducing routes/materials/trade-goods that contribute towards maybe something like a Fomor-Quiver (or Partholon-Quiver or give-it-what-ever-other-name-related-to-commerce-you-want Quiver), and that, upon sufficient materials being transported by enough Milletians, and enough time elapsing, that they then end up getting added to the shop on a quantity produced basis (sufficient materials/goods need to be transported & enough time-elapse for each quantity to be produced). And, of course, this can and perhaps even should be done with a number of other items, too, perhaps updated to be aligned more with newer-released content, such as a consumable purchased with Ducats that make running even a Veteran-Dungeon worth-while (possible effects of consumable : Durability Loss on equipment cut by half [or perhaps even up to 90% or higher depending on the grade/quality of said consumable], Room-Skip Ticket [basically makes it so that each room where a spawn-chest is open automatically drops the Key without spawning anything when the Skip-Ticket is used], Guaranteed 10cm of at least one or more of the newer Gems from End-Chest, or alternatively a minumum of 10 or more of the newer gems dropping from End-Chest, Damage Dealt 10x whilst in a Veteran-Dungeon, etc., etc.), just as a few random ideas of course.