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"You act as though you have some right to judge. To declare me and mine wrong for the world." -Haytham [AC 3].
About Me
I'm Scavern, I run the guild Vendetta on the Mari server. We're a social guild that thrives on fun and silly stuff. ♥
  • Mari's Life Skills Central

    I'd love to be added as a R1 Enchanter! I finally got it <3
    IGN: Scavern <3
  • The owl's nest [ Update: Merge ]

    Darkwhip wrote: »
    Scavern wrote: »
    RP is best. That's all I did on Gaia. xD

    Glad to see you also enjoy role play :)

    I've always thoroughly loved it. Happy to see others as well :D!!!
  • Mari's Life Skills Central

    Can I be added a R1 Carpenter? :D I'm working on life skills slowly but surely!
    IGN: Scavern
  • Anybody want to be friends???

    Welcome (back) to Mari and Mabi! It's always great to see people returning! I hope you have lots of fun, make awesome memories, meet amazing people and cherish the moments you have with others, no matter the case! I'm sure you'll see me around, if you need anything, lemme know! I'm always willing to help out with questions, dungeons or anything.
  • List of things that annoy you in the game.

    :eyes: Hmmm, the topics in this; I'll add some of my own.

    People who don't offer candy (because candy makes the world go round, right?)
    Did I mention the crazies? I must have forgotten that one.
    Uhh, that scary pumpkin man you see around Halloween (the one you see stationed outside of people's house- not relevant at all).
    Having a difficult time with Generations (because sometimes you have those beautiful derp moments where things are simple and yet you make them EXTREMELY complex for no reason because things like tired, confusion, etc).
    Uhh.. Did I mention lag? Nah. Lag is an issue everyone dislikes. :c

    But I'll tell some things I love about this game!
    There's a LOT of friendly people.
    The fun memories we craft.
    The beautiful story we get to enjoy, together!
    Events and prizes.
    Having the pleasure of understanding the differences in others and making them feel comfortable and/or accepted!
    Uhhh, taking lots of pictures because memories are like thee priority in my eyes to be honest cause you'll look back at them and smile (at least I know I will)!
    There's so much that I love and I know it's the opposite of this thread; but positive stuff is just as awesome! <3