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i'm weak, and what's wrong with that
  • Statistical Debate Forum Regarding Race Imbalance

    the way i saw it elves were meant to excel at ranged attack (magic/archery) weak at close range, giants meant to excel at close range (combat/lances) weak at ranged attacks, and humans all-rounder jack of all trades master of none type of thing.
    then alch and the hybrid talents got added, humans got buffed to heck in the renovation and here we are.

    another thing to back up elves = archer/mage is their falcon special move. magic missile! it's literally magic combined with archery.
    Kaga wrote: »
    Instead of all these repetitive "revamps" for elves that only revamps archery, I hope we see some Magic revamp this time.
    same :\

  • Fastest mount on foot

    did a quick test probably not too accurate but for me all 3 of those are the same speed
    they all got from west gate to east gate in dunby in 11 seconds lol. same with tuan.
    the little cloud sheep (forgot the actual name of it) was similar too except he doesn't boost just has a constant speed so would be slower over long distance i guess, but then he also doesn't have to worry about running out of stamina. same with floral fairy.
  • Elf Males Character Model Broken (Neck)

    oh my goodness!!!! i was going through my dressing room again trying to find a more christmasy outfit and put on old saint nick just to see...
    scared of speaking too soon but i believe it may have been ninja fixed Q-Q it's a christmas miracle
    [Link would be here to image but not working atm]
    the back part is still broken (seen on devil suit and count cookie etc) but at least old saint nick seems to be fixed and elves can wear it nicely for christmas! yaaaay!
  • Stuck and don't know what to do

    It might not happen frequently to each individual player but it happens kinda frequently as a whole lol. See people stuck now and then. I saw a guy stuck to Eavan in Dunbarton just yesterday.
    For me it happens most with the mailbox cuz that's classed as a NPC as well.

    There's also another similar bug to this that happens somehow when interacting with any housing board. Once you close the housing board window your character starts running in one direction and won't stop. Once you hit a wall it will run into the wall and stop because of that but if you turn around it will take off running again. You can use skills (eg. crisis escape) but once the skill is over the character continues running in that one direction. You can only change direction by turning the camera. Changing channels doesn't fix it.
    I've found that logging out fixes it but more recently I also found if you carefully guide the character with the camera back to a housing board and manage to click it without running past, and make any kind of search in the housing board window and close it, that also fixes it. Much nicer than having to relog every time.
  • What do you normally do while training skills?

    Either listen to music or watch movies/tv show/video or get in a voice call with people and just talk while training.
    I watched an entire show beginning to end while mastering support shot x_x shooting a zombie over and over and ovER AND OVER....