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  • 4/24/19 After Maint

    Yeah, my bags were all strewn about randomly when I logged in after maintenance, which confused me, I always have them arranged item wise, and so that they're all visible on screen and do not overlap when I have all of them open. I rearranged them again and when I re-birthed they were all messed up again. Same for the hotkeys vanishing. Also don't see my extra hotkey slots, which I do have activated. Seems the server can't communicate with wherever the personal settings of the entire UI are saved, because even my clock placement, map, dorcha bar, etc. got and gets reset back to default upon cc-ing ever since the maintenance.
  • Weekly Loc Discussion: (M) and (F) Tags on Items

    GTCvActium wrote: »
    In my honest opinion we should just remove the gender thing all together. If a balding middle aged man character wants to dress up as a pretty frilly magical girl, WE SHOULD LET THEM. Mabi is all about freedom. We should embrace our freaky side.

    I totally agree, though I feel it's gonna be impossible, since I assume female only clothing and male only clothing, plus race restricted clothing is only made to fit on those specific body-types.

    Either way, I also think that some kind of a tag could be very useful, but I was more thinking the actual icons for male, female and unisex to be shown instead of the letters, however that is more of an aesthetic preference. That and, make the name of the equipment that's gender/race restricted show in red when a character can't wear it due to race/gender, it's easier to discern at a glance what can be and what can't be worn that way. Just an idea. I personally can work with the way things are right now just fine, if I am unsure of an items' gender I can always attempt to try it on, which won't work if it's not for my gender. But if we wanna fancy it up, I feel these may definitely make things easier to oversee.
  • Too bright!

    The background changing depending on what the current big event in game is, like the other forum had, would indeed be a nice little feature. However, I'd be the most happy if we too, had more options to change the color theme for the forum. I prefer darker colors as well.
  • Last Post Wins

    In theory, someone who has currently posted last is the winner for as long as someone else hasn't replied yet. No matter how short-lived that can be.