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  • Drum Kit Instrument

    To add to this: in-game, it could simply be made by handicrafting the corresponding instruments together: Snare drum, bass drum, cymbals. The final result could depend on the type of instrument used (milky way vs regular)

    And to bring this even further.... handicrafting together instruments that only use one track aside from microphones. Chimes, music bottles and bells for instance.

    The music box prop should also be fixed to play more than one single track instead of imitating the hand chimes, and be made craftable at the very least to not limit it to gacha drop only.
  • [G22] Lower the Cumu Requrements

    If you simply want to skip level requirements to do content.... maybe... do the rest of actual content that came out before this one? You can do G2 after G1. The same should apply to every gen.

    Or you'd find yourself having newbies start g19 when they wouldn't know any of the story beforehand.... oh wait.

    G22's requirement is fine, and considering Memoir right now, it should be upped. If you clear each gen, by the time you get to g22, you should realistically be above 5k anyway.
  • Is Vayne Identity....?

    I'm more interested as to why he chose to call himself Vayne to us. Does that name hold something of sentimental value to him? Someone he knew? A random name?

    Considering that the fomors recognized Balor's shell, could he be in the same position than Glas/Dougal in TNN, where his soul is bound to a human body? Could Vayne be the name of that original body's owner?
  • Only One to Not Get Tomorrow's Gift Box?

    The box distribution glitched and I forgot to log in later after it was fixed too. Filed a ticket, no box since the day had passed.

    Better luck next box i guess.
  • Halloween Attendance Event

    I was under the impression the Wraith robe had some kind of idle to it, considering the main page about the event shows some kind of idle with it...... in both pictures.

    But nothing in-game. Guess i shoudn't have expected this much for a freebie.

    Still feels like false advertising, tbh.