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  • Notice to Belgian Players

    looks like bidding will start in april, more news will probably flow from there.
  • Official Outfits/Items/Etc Suggestion Thread

    Just put a permanent transformation medal gacha in the shop. Medals only, monster and npc.

    Homestead goodies! music notes, flower patches, full and sparse. (a homestead-specific gacha would be nice, but anything 'natural' like flowers should be implemented in the game instead of being a gacha thing.)

    Pet cards. Bring 'em back! Or an option to transform whistles into pet cards and vice-versa. Too many pets, not enough pet rebirths.
  • Notice to Belgian Players

    Gaea wrote: »
    Yeah me and a lot of my friends agree. Companies like this will shut down games before changing their business model.

    In the next couple of years other countries including the US will conclude that this is considered gambling and will be regulated as such. Nexon has maybe 1-2 years to make changes.

    Yet some other company may be willing to pick up mabi. At this point i'm not sure if this would be the best option, but it surely would be better than to leave nexon running into a wall with mabinogi if nothing changes.

    I do love this game deeply and probably spent more on it than i'd be willing to admit. Mabinogi disappearing would be a heavy blow. It -is- the only MMO that does its thing right, and no other that even attempted to be sandbox-y in design properly succeeded at it. The game has tons of potential, always had and always will. It all depends on what the company is willing to invest to get positive returns.

    All the issues that could be addressed to make the game better are already in the suggestions forum. Shame it takes years of incessant begging to see one small thing happen, like dark-skinned elves.

    For now, we just gotta sit tight and see how NA/KR plans to tackle legislative changes. Belgium's ban was probably an immediate reaction to the issue. There's still further developments to be made from nexon's end.
  • Drum Kit Instrument

    To add to this: in-game, it could simply be made by handicrafting the corresponding instruments together: Snare drum, bass drum, cymbals. The final result could depend on the type of instrument used (milky way vs regular)

    And to bring this even further.... handicrafting together instruments that only use one track aside from microphones. Chimes, music bottles and bells for instance.

    The music box prop should also be fixed to play more than one single track instead of imitating the hand chimes, and be made craftable at the very least to not limit it to gacha drop only.
  • [G22] Lower the Cumu Requrements

    If you simply want to skip level requirements to do content.... maybe... do the rest of actual content that came out before this one? You can do G2 after G1. The same should apply to every gen.

    Or you'd find yourself having newbies start g19 when they wouldn't know any of the story beforehand.... oh wait.

    G22's requirement is fine, and considering Memoir right now, it should be upped. If you clear each gen, by the time you get to g22, you should realistically be above 5k anyway.