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  • The biggest victim to the server merge

    Most often, people will upload other's people's work on the board without even giving the time to give proper credit to the ones who actually made the score and reap the upvotes for themselves. It's a bit frustrating to see your own work put up without credit.
    I just stay away from the board altogether.

    It was badly implemented from the start, anyway. Just one more dead feature the second it came out. (Mabinovel? who uses that?)
  • Freestyle Musician Box

    And again with the NPC medals that should've been monster medals.
    Can't stop won't stop eh.
  • Who’s your pick?

    1. Mabinogi. Generation crossover.
  • G23: Tempest Part 2 - Patch Notes - July 17th

    Is there a time limit on the City flood relief quest? I haven't seen any mention of such if there is one.
  • Update old stuff.

    The more new content that gets pushed out, the more of the actual game, content that has been there since the beginning of the game, gets neglected and forgotten.

    For this, a patch should be worked on to update the following:

    - Maps ; some old textures look jarring when you look at new areas like Scuabtuinne, or Shyllien. Most of Iria falls in the neglected area category. The edge of the maps of most of Uladh as well. Dunbarton's edge forests with the criss-crossing grass texture is the worst culprit imo.

    - Clothes : the oldest ones need both texture updates, and perhaps a dye area update as well to match the newer stuff.

    - Player/NPC Hairs : There's literally no reason we cannot have the updated, basic hairs that the Tir NPCs have by this point. Just switch out the old polygon hairs already. Some other npcs, like in cor, also need an update from the pre-g9 polygon era. (Kusina's hair especially)

    - Equipment: Let's face it, the release of a slot that is locked behind a gacha for face accessories is just another slap in the face. Go through every head slot accessory and implement them for use with the style tab, no gachapon required. As it should've been in the beginning. A simple way to implement it would be to simply allow any type of head slot to be used in accessory. A High layer/ Low layer type thing.

    Like I'd wear a wig in the head slot, and then wiggling fox ears in the face accessory, so the wig would be the dominant 'texture' compared to the other. There's nothing that would prevent more face accessory exclusives from being present in future gachas as well. Just give us the variety mabinogi is known for.

    - Unisex outfits: stop with the eluned nonsense. Alternatively, make a unisex version of an outfit gacha-only, (unisex pants and dresses, you cowards) and bring the gendered versions to craft in-game instead of releasing every single thing in a gachapon.

    - Add more life skill manuals for older outfits that are gacha-only. Make them use existing materials. There's a staggering number of materials that have only one or very few uses. An example: Shiny gold thread? Literally created just for the tribal bird robe and has no other uses. Create more recipes that use those instead of adding new materials each time something new comes out being craftable.

    - Allow us to rebirth pets via whistles. The feature is pretty dead right now with how every single new pet comes out in whistle form.

    Devcat could work on this in separate patches, area by area, region by region. A little bit like what Renovation did for each talent concerned.

    The game would feel much more loved if the F2P base was tended to just as much as the cash cows.

    Tldr; update the old content to make it up to date with current standards of looks.
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