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I bet no one reads these. I could post pictures of cats and no one would ever know I did.


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July 26, 1995
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I'm that orange guy people make fun of on Alexina subreddits. Also a chemist with bad memes.
  • Bots: Out of Control

    Lutetium wrote: »
    The real problem is the playerbase believing that these are """bots""" when it's just other players making accounts, buying nx through dubious exchange rates or doing chargebacks and they're just selling the reforges on alt accounts then moving the gold to their main so it's the alt that gets banned and not their main.
    So it's either bots for a goldfarm website/player, or players actually cheating. Either or, it needs to be contained before it gets out of hand (again).
  • What a joke. I want a refund, seriously.

    Brooch wrote: »
    1. Oh wow, girlfriend. It is the duty of the business to advertise their product correctly. It is their responsibility to control for quality and make sure that item descriptions are correct and consistent. Players should not be forced to go above and beyond “just in case” Nexon made an error. Can you imagine if we had to thoroughly research every single item and harass Koreans on Discord because of the unlikely possibility that a description does not accurately reflect what it can do?

    Okay but where did an official Nexon employee say that the books were repairable? I only saw a few mentions of the book being repairable in the Discord from a few community members, who were then subsequently bullied and harassed out of the server once Nexon made the announcement of the books being unrepairable. Honestly the community response has made me sick, regardless of if Nexon ever did say "yeah these are repairable" or not.
  • (CN / JP / KR) Winter Fairy Christmas Gacha

    I'm loving how Korea cannot design a winter coat that would actually keep your entire body warm. Who the hell wears tights in the snow? Or shorts / skirts with stockings?
    WolfsingerGretaRadiant Dawn
  • Race Changes When?

    Helsa wrote: »
    Leinei wrote: »
    Well if Korea doesn't have it we won't since it'd be a pain to program?

    It would not, in fact, it'd be a snap.

    NA doesn't have their own development team for Mabinogi. We basically have to follow most of what Korea does in terms of major content changes, and race change wouldn't be nearly as simple as same-sex marriage was for the game. As it stands currently, I don't think there's a system in the skill window that prevents you from using a race exclusive skill: you just can't learn that race exclusive skill. That would have to be a fundamental thing for race-change to be a fair system.
  • Memory Book Update and Giveaway!

    Once again, benefits for new players, and nothing for those who have actually devoted time to the game.

    What do you mean they never cater to vets? We've gotten some fun end game content, and now we have this cool chance to win a neat gaming chair, which I imagine would do wonders for that pain you must getting while sitting on that mountain of salt.