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I bet no one reads these. I could post pictures of cats and no one would ever know I did.


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July 26, 1995
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I'm that orange guy people make fun of on Alexina subreddits. Also a chemist with bad memes.
  • Why stream on Caffeine over Twitch?

    I'll be honest, I'd imagine a lot of the issues they've had on Twitch's platform was probably something in their streaming settings being funky, and the stream on Caffeine being smoother would be because it's resolution limited (?).
    If it works, it's great! But I don't know how well it'll work when they scale up a bit more on the resolution and quality side of things.
  • It was long

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    My permanent warning was the result of crapping on William.
    From page 1:
    Veylaine wrote: »
    You were making some good points though you were going about it in a condescending matter ( don't you think there is a reason many people react the way they do against you). Did you ever think maybe its me with how many people react to you. Even after jazmyn defended, you still kept behaving like a jerk and using language that would sure trigger someone.
    even as a joke you have to admit assuming someone is really drunk and then to use the really drunk assumption to assert their claim is ridiculous, is pretty low you know.
    EDIT: you can't really claim this was out of context since its right there, also if it is out context and it was not meant as a joke it just looks even worse on your part.

    You lashed out at others who weren't me. Just sayin'.

    But no really I'm gonna go to bed now. I look forward to seeing where this thread goes tomorrow, if it's even still here.
  • It was long

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    If passing out permanent scars on the oldest accounts in the game for stupid things, such as telling people there are better ways to deal with troll-gms, is your plan to increase revenue and population on Mabinogi, I wish you loads of luck. I entered the discussion arena after two trolls were trolled by a troll. I was not the beginning nor will I be the end of this fiasco. -- It was nice knowing all of you the past 12 years.
    Passing out account warning flags for stupid things would indeed be stupid. Passing them out for going out of your own way to troll, derail, harass, and belittle the intelligence of other forum members is not. You don't get to play the "I'M INNOCENT DON'T SHOOT ME" card when you've been going after people for disagreeing with you about this thread, about the server lag thread, about the server merge thread, and many other threads with absolute hatred.

    If this last thread was enough to get you to leave a forum, I must say good riddance to you and best of luck with the other communities or games you decide to join or play down the line.
  • Goodbye Forums...?

    ForeRunia wrote: »
    It's a little bizarre that things get ninja-edited without a reason being provided, to be honest. I've never seen this behavior on any other forum I've been in. Then again, every other forum I've been in allows us to view all previous versions of a comment(when edited) and who edited the comment. There's no excuse to keep things hidden if there is nothing to hide. There's a lot of things that can be done to make users aware of what is happening, while maintaining privacy when necessary. Making a post in the thread, editing the comment(and signing it), or even PM'ing the user directly. Right now, it looks like everything that's questionable is being hidden. And events that don't follow this trend are few and far in between. It should never be assumed that a comment can be ninja-edited or even deleted before someone has seen it.
    Well the ninjas are all GM forum accounts(you can hover over the EDITED @ TIME text to see who did the edit), so it's not like Nexon is picking random people to do it. Honestly DMs would work great, but that would require the ninjas to stop being ninjas, though they never should have been hidden in the first place.
  • Goodbye Forums...?

    Hellkaizer wrote: »
    Honestly at this point just best to ignore, let him be special and do whatever it is he's trying to do.
    Oh I know it's just best to ignore him now. I just wanted to get out some things I've been wanting to say to him for a while in a relevant manner.
    ForeRunia wrote: »
    It'd be nice to know derailing threads was bad before you got the warning. Were you ever warned for it before getting the official warning?
    Getting 'warned' without getting the account flag would require a moderator to make a post pointing that out, but anymore we seem to have ninja-moderators who don't post about anything they do(or post at all, for that manner), which is something Nexon absolutely must change with these forums. I really don't like that the moderating staff rarely make a post to a thread regarding actions taken in it, but I hate it more when the people doing the moderating get to just hide from everyone and do stuff because they simply have never made a post to the forums.