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I bet no one reads these. I could post pictures of cats and no one would ever know I did.


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July 26, 1995
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I'm that orange guy people make fun of on Alexina subreddits. Also a chemist with bad memes.
  • Why was the maintenence 2 hours earlier than usual

    Greta wrote: »
    2 hours earlier, but now also 2 hours extended.

    Hmmmmmmm... Plot thickens.
    Hmmm a maintenance extension has surely never happened on a large update before. Hmmm indeed.
  • Is Mokku raid already dead?

    Hellkaizer wrote: »
    Alshian wrote: »
    I am just not powerful enough to earn favorable amount of pts to be worth even being there. RIP :P

    You really only need to hit 2k iirc. You must be pretty new if you can't hit that.

    Still, I'm so happy I switched to alexina 2 years ago.
    I was getting normal drop pool items at 700 contribution points. I think that might be the threshold?
  • Oops I was wrong.

    Greta wrote: »
    Make them obtainable in some missions? Or maybe as a loot that could come from any dungeon or anywhere else? Also why crappy cards? Could have made an activate button or something in Character Info. So much possibilities to make this better, but i guess they were too lazy and tried to save some money/time.
    Aside for the impossibility of Korea making a cosmetic item be obtainable ingame for a free-to-play, your suggestion of a character info switch would basically boil down to another hidden character equipment window where you could no longer retrieve the item to possibly resell/transfer later. It's a 1x1 item. If you seriously cannot be bothered to make a slot for it like you have for every other totem in the game, you probably shouldn't be buying/using it.
  • Oops I was wrong.

    Greta wrote: »
    It's bitter because this is something very new that we didn't have before and it's in gacha, also it's slightly unfinished. Why make them work as totems/chairs? Kind of inconvenient in my opinion.
    I'm fairly certain that overseas versions had these stance cards in gachas as well. Pray tell, what would you put these in as? An accessory slot item that costs 50 thousand gold to repair? I much prefer them as a totem because they save my money.
  • Defeating Hasidim is Doable

    I don't know what I was expecting. Just something more... expansive here? Tops, walkthroughs, suggestions?
    Try to keep up as many debuffs as possible for Blade phase. He has massive damage reduction.
    You can use evasion to avoid his super slide dash attack thing, and his blue spirit balls if you know how to time for that.
    Put people in mini squads that have three people, each doing one Crusader skill. Try and stay close together. If you're knocked away from your Shield when hasidim jumps, Shield yourself.
    When someone gets chosen to be life drained, everyone should focus mainly on attacking Hasidim, but also try to heal the person being drained with as many clouds as possible. A few dedicated healers help a lot too.
    Having high subskill levels in your Shield goes a mile and a half.
    There are certain channels where Hasidim's jump lasts waaaaaay longer than it should. This can lead to a decrease in the time you're allowed to use Spike and Blade when it hits the ground.