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February 14, 1998
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I don't have one anymore
  • The Drum Set

    Iyasenu wrote: »
    How do you even have it already? Does it drop from the red bag too?

    Not the red bag, but it can drop from the Enchanted Box from the daily quest.

    Isn't it available for purchase in the commerce shop for 5m Ducats?

    Yes just like the harp and piano
  • Bring Back The Gypsy Talent Title

    Speaking of gypsy, isn't it used in Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame constantly?

    it did but if you remember watching the movie the character that used it the most was frollo and he didn't exactly say it just as an identifier but also with much malice.

    even in his song he equated gypsy to an evil witch.

    but back on topic I think I agree with helsa this probably won't be changing back anytime soon.

    even the pope went on to acknowledge the prejudice against them.

    EDIT: I don't agree or disagree with this move, but just stating since a good chunk of mabi NA players are EU with some being in countries like Lithuania, Romania,Hungary. etc. where these groups are high in numbers even if a good chunk don't play I'm sure residents there are aware of them and probably play too.

    with other stuff happening im sure this will one of the last complaints they'd want to deal with right now. ( still wonder why change it in the first place, maybe they foresaw something or just knew and wanted to change it and bury it, because much like the internet news cycle this will fade and most people will forget about this dilemma)
  • Can It Peria Chronicles?

    oops wrong thread I thought it was the other one.
  • Either increase the matching card game timer or...

    jjeremy wrote: »
    jjeremy wrote: »
    Greta wrote: »
    jjeremy wrote: »
    jjeremy wrote: »
    jjeremy wrote: »
    I somehow did it perfectly the first time, managing to remember everything I turned over. Maybe try this:
    Get a pen and paper. Hold the pen in one hand, your mouse in the other. Draw a grid equal to the game. Write does a short description of the picture (a word it reminds you of, or even a letter) on the paper grid. While exploring turn the tiles from left to right before going to the next row.

    He's not talking about the sliding puzzle.

    He's taking about the card-flipping game first introduced in that event with the candy witch, the mini-game of which is slow to react.

    I'm interested to know why you would think this advice could even apply to the sliding puzzle. What did you think I meant by "turn over"? Why would you think I'm advising to write down tiles to remember?
    Or were you commenting on what I was saying to tell other people that I'm not talking about the sliding puzzle? Why would someone assume that when the title on the thread refers to "the matching card game"?

    I'm saying to YOU that Rhey is not talking about the sliding puzzle.

    Your solution makes no sense for the matching game.

    It's essentially a memory game. Just because writing things down doesn't help you remember, doesn't mean other people can't benefit from writing things down. It's a memory game. If you write things down you don't have to remember them in your head since they will be on the paper.
    When you flip the cards they flip back again after a few seconds so that you can no longer see them. But they are actually still the same card. You need to know what picture is on the other side so that if you come across the same picture on a different tile you will know where to match it. People have trouble with remembering what picture is on the other side because they forget, but writings on paper will stay there where you can see them. Understand now?

    Theres no time to doodle in the paper when time is running and cards won't flip by themselves...

    Oh yeah, I suppose most people aren't ambidextrous.

    Grats on still missing the point entirely.

    The issue is the fact that the cards take far too long to flip over, both when you get a match correct, and when you don't. And, if the server (or your comp) is extra laggy, there's that rare moment when the game thinks you're trying to flip over three cards, or the same card twice (like a double-click), which just eats up more time.

    Can you record and upload this issue? I doubt Nexon will fix something without a video showing what exactly is wrong.

    please use spoilers lol
  • hardest part of g23 is basically RNG

    Eralea wrote: »
    Gens take 6 months between each release but people expect to do them in 6 hours, and then two weeks later they complain that "there's nothing to do on Mabi".

    I wouldn't say everyone would though some would, I like to do these gens for the story mostly and not really content (theres always content to do, just that some people aren't entertained as easily but that is their problem). Nice to see jarlath return, too bad they used the same g12 portrait and model but at least for the brief time he was here they let him have a pretty decent quote.