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  • So G23 introduced an Ego Perspective

    Eralea wrote: »
    Those quests had a mixed effect on me... the camera switch increased immersion and then immediately broke it because of the absurdity of the situation.

    I have the ability to FLY, why am I running into this mess???

    to be fair not all militeans have done doki doki, island. Heck I even have not done it since the ability to fly during raids was taken away, so I didn't bother getting when it came back. Unless you mean by pets lol.
  • Let's talk about G23, Preparing for the Plague.

    G23 Jarlath's Trail, What are you supposed to do for this?

    spam sms its rng drop for the end chest I recommend bft2 or conflict if you get bodies to come. its drop looks like play pages.

    in your invi they will look like this

    EDIT: only thing I can not confirm is if should be done in hm, the quest doesn't specify what diff and ive only done hm so far and some of my friends said it has to be hm, but ill test this soon enough since im not done with that part ( was gathering mats for a different part later on).
  • Quiz Guide help g23

    lets see if I can remember, The festival is held at tir, Eaven is in the town office, they are descended from Partholon, they were wiped out by a plague and the sole survivor is Tuan.

    EDIT: might of missed a question, don't think so though.
  • Players speeding through G22 are like:

    I watch them on my elf, because usually I do the gens first on my elf. My giant is the one that skips it; when I did it on my giant and my friend started doing it on his main 2 hours before me I caught up to him in like an hour lol

    Tip: You can rewatch any cutscenes you've encountered before by visiting the library in dunbarton's magic school.

    umm it only goes up till g16.
  • Why should i continue to be human?

    DARKCloud wrote: »
    jjeremy wrote: »
    DARKCloud wrote: »
    jjeremy wrote: »
    Hmph. If being a giant means being like you, I choose to remain human.

    The hell is that supposed to mean? lol

    You'll find out in G12.

    Finished g12 upon release, and still going over my head. Hmmm...

    theres a scene when you come to help morrighan against naudha, and he questions why you would give up godhood to save her and the milletian replies if being a god means being like you than I rather stay human ( no matter if they're elf or giant too. )