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  • Peria Chronicles - Suspended indefinitely

  • Elf Update?

    at first I thought maybe some re-calibrating was needed so elves who didn't want to focus on archery and/or didn't want to spend tons of gold and/or money to get gear to make archery really monstrous, but after chains came out it doesn't seem as pressing as it used to be imo.

    Dex now being a really good stat thats just not for mostly archery anymore. probably just in the camp of "no strong feelings"

    EDIT: somewhat of contrast what i think really needs to be revamped are talents rather than races.
  • So, name change coupon?

    Wolfsinger wrote: »
    I mean, considering the nature of things, bring it up and we might hear something about it tomorrow :3

  • Broken Human Buff

    Lutetium wrote: »
    Because final hit insta kills everything in the game and totally doesn't have a 4 minute cooldown.
    50 second cooldown with reforges, but more more importantly than final hit; Humans have Support Shot and Lance Charge, in combination with plenty of lance charge reforges (one of which brings the cooldown to 5 seconds from 10) humans and only humans can 2 shot the succubus queen.
    GTCvActium wrote: »
    so unless you produce evidence of a human soloing feth, then elves and giants are broken.
    So I suppose "until someone shows evidence of a giant or elf 2 shotting the succubus queen humans are overpowered and broken." :)

    I think the real problem everyone complaining humans are weak has isn't that humans are weak, but they're still early game and they saw a mid game giant using full swing in shadow wizard, not realizing that giants are really only a bit stronger with melee early and mid game and that humans will not only catch up to but exceed what giants are capable of in the late to endgame. If we're focusing purely on solo play then OP is completely incorrect about giants being "the most op class" because late game an elf can smash more than a giant due to support shot; not that you would REALLY want to bother when you can just spam mag with a combo card of course for the second best but far less situational single target dps option in the game (beaten out only by a human's support shot'd fully reforged lance charges, which can also benefit from combo cards).

    Speaking of the endgame for humans, using final hit with a divine blade erg level 50 gives you 600 range 150 degree angle AOE that hits 400% on the main target and 360% on everything splashed which hits every 0.3 seconds while having relentless assault activated, which can have up to 4 piercing levels to deal with that pesky late game content where the monsters actually have damage reduction. Once the giant update is finally released on NA final hit is also being buffed so 2 handed weapons will hit 7 times before knocking the monsters down, which is borderline irrelevant since you can instantly teleport to them after and hit another 7 times and the monsters do not get iframes or a chance to retaliate from said knockdown.

    Which brings me to Final Strike, with it's fixed attack speed that allows it to do about 50~% of the damage of Final Hit in the same duration, knocks down monsters after 6 hits giving them long invincability frames, has miniscule splash damage in comparison, and is infact so slow the monsters can easily load counter and defense in retaliation unlike against Final Hit.

    I could go on and bog down the thread with calculations and game mechanics info but instead; I would encourage anyone who feels humans are weak to load up their elf or giant alts (which they can obtain for free if they don't already have them by allying with either race at Krug or Castenia using the elf and giant keyword) and actually play them. My personal expectation is that most will very quickly log out and go back to their humans with Final Hit due to it's centralization and trivialization of so much of the games content.

    TL;DR: Humans are better if you play longer, have the best single target dps and single hit damage with support shot+lance charge, and amazing AOE dps with 2 handed final hit.

    P.S. No one is forced to play one race or another, everyone has the option to have multiple characters of any race on their account and still access all of their same pets, and infact there are many benefits to playing your account's other characters; Including being able to do 3 lord mission and 3 alban training grounds runs per day on EACH character, being able to do baltane basic missions on multiple characters within the same game day, having multiple squire units to do missions and obtain seals for reward boxes, being able to do most of the adventurer seal daily quests once per character per real day, and so on.

    true, all these people making big assumptions about the giant new skills but don't research the new skills, I know I researched further because I use both giant and elf

    Final strike is way too overhyped I don't understand why people say this is a better version of FH.
    the second video is taken in KR post giant update to confirm that regular twin sword FH is not nerfed.

    heres the 2h splash you were mentioning too @ 15:45

  • G22 Balor Battle

    Alshian wrote: »

    It WAS in the forums till it got flooded by the other topics, you very likely had missed it to lazy to browse in the forums to find it for ya, I just told ya what i know, up to you to believe or maybe find it yourself.

    Giants would also be getting 2 new skills and so far as I've seen 2 new gear, a crystal looking cleave sword and shield.

    How did i find this? I found it by chance, when your someone like me who loves knowledge, you just happen to run across familiar topics that interest ya.

    Anyways I didn't have it saved to show ya, you would have to find it yourself.
    I already know about the new weapons, I started this thread for the giant update.
    http://forums.mabinogi.nexon.net/discussion/18388/warning-kr-spoilers-giant-update-if-we-get-it/p1 [ you're the first to reply] ( this is why im asking ) not saying its the same thread but that one piece of info of -100% is not something I came across.