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You know whats hilarious? It's september again.


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  • Nexon pls tone down the amount of concurent events

    Draech wrote: »
    This is why I'm so grateful to @Leinei for her event/sales heads-up. I'd forgotten about the melodies too, and seeing her post reminded me to cash out.

    Yeah really, thank God I have remote desktop. Granted the FPS suffers greatly, but I was able to login using my phone and use the rest of my points while at work before maintenance. Phew!

    For those curious I use Chrome Remote Desktop. But Obviously it's useless if your computer is turned off. A couple of pointers: Don't use touch screen to navigate, use the mouse cursor option, or you will screw up your secondary password. To right click you have to tap with 2 fingers. BE CAREFUL OF LAG SPIKES - you might accidentally drop something. Wifi connections improve latency greatly.

    I'm thinking about getting this https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07P2HW12P/ so I can casually play mabi on my breaks at work easier. (I can't fit a laptop in my locker so don't suggest it lol).
  • Well, it finally happened (VIP update)

    YES. People were led to believe that the sale was there for a reason. Whether it was intentional or not they need to own up. 1 week is not enough compensation for the customers who bought over a year's worth or more during that sale. Those customers should be compensated considerably. I stand by this opinion and for the record I didn't buy service during that sale so it's not like I'm trying to get compensation for myself.

    This is just the right thing they need to do for those customers. I am an advocate for those customers who feel like they were swindled. Please review the sales from that time and find out who made considerable purchases of service during that sale. Compensate them more than a measly week. Do the right thing. Be a better company.
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  • VIP/Premium Update

    I'm sick of singular
    I DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE VIP!!! that is what I said from the beginning. Congratulations to those who do! Now stop being a damn troll Greta. Telling me I cant read. SMH

    So what do YOU want then?

    You're entitled to your opinions but just keep in mind that this game does not revolve around you. Players besides you have wanted this for a long time. Are you just mad that this is something you can't benefit from? If that's the case that's pretty childish and selfish of you.

    This not only goes for you, but this also goes out similar players like you who don't want something that the community is getting. Don't like it? Well then it doesn't pertain to you.

    Yeah I am back, warning expired.
  • [UPDATE] Addition of Sales Tax When Purchasing NX

    Trump is still stupid!

    So was Obama, so was Bush, so was Clinton.

    The reason why this thread has turned into a political thing. The cost of living is increasing everywhere (more so in California exponentially) and now it's impacting the games we play.

    Nexon just move the company OUT of California. Lots of companies have done it and more are doing so, that way they don't have to pass on the expenses to their customers. Because if it had nothing to do with costs then you could certainly just take this "required" tax out of your own freaking revenue.

    BTW...you know some states have ZERO percent sales tax right? What's the stop someone from using a VPN and saying that they are from Alaska? Just like people from Belgium use a VPN to still purchase gacha.

    This is so stupid.
  • [UPDATE] Addition of Sales Tax When Purchasing NX

    Crims wrote: »
    Neroy wrote: »
    Tfw when you live in Taxifornia x.x

    Freaking hell hole. Poop everywhere.

    Mr Trump strikes again.

    This has NOTHING to do with Trump.