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  • Weird Magical Blitz Box

    No one seems too interested now but watch when it releases and everyone and their mother will have one.

    Wait wait wait WAIT. How do YOU get to have a different avatar. WHO ARE YOU???
    Radiant DawnWolfsingerSebastianКалашников
  • April Fools Event Glitched?

    Welp, please send titles in the mail. lol.

    Thanks. <3
    @Katherz @CMKyrios

    April fools fail 2020! Stay safe everyone! - I really do mean that. For someone who is agnostic (not atheist), I will pray for you and your family Kath, especially for your little cheese nub. I still have a smidgen of hope for humanity despite how cynical I am. Please forgive me for any grief I have inflicted upon you because I think the Buddhists have something right. I am the way I am because I hate the wrong doings even on a mirco-environment such as this that I have been a part of since 1.0. Godspeed!

    - Heather

    P.S. @Habimaru is my spirit animal!
  • Can we get a option to change the color of our ego

    Nilrem wrote: »
    Only if we get an option to inspect another player's Ego via right clicking like we used to.

    Otherwise the colors are how we tell how strong another player's Ego is.

    I want people to see my ego is level 100. They need to put that feature in.
  • Pre-Order Mabinogi Merch Now!

    I submitted a ticket because I accidentally placed an order without updated address information. I updated and corrected it, and then I decided to submit a ticket - BUT NO ONE HAS RESPONDED AND IT HAS BEEN OVER A WEEK.
  • The new Cave of Trials

    Beat it first try. Berserked it. ^_^

    Oh when I mean berkserked it I mean I basically spammed final hit with my final hit set with full armor and all buffs. There was one hairy moment when Brill almost one shotted me, but I was able to recover and smack that bleep up for such disrespect. XD
    Radiant Dawn