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WELP...found in a lump in my chest. EFFING figures! After all my effing bad luck this year. I guess I am gonna have to cave and see a doctor. Should I apologize now for acting like an asshat this week? I knew something was wrong...I just effing knew it. I cried so much this week. Now I know why. FML!!!


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  • Goodbye Forums...?

    Ergh...! Dragging my feet some more... But I can't stand it anymore! The problem is the warnings DO NOT EXPIRE with THIS forum version. That is what Nkeona told me. Take a look at this.

    The first one was because of this back in 2017:
    The second was because of us quoting too much. BIG WHOOP. Shoulda just deleted the comments and placed a post warning like many of the ACTUAL mods usually do.

    So basically the next time I "screw up" will be the end. I don't think they effing realize that or care. And I get it! To each their own in this society. Their paycheck before mine and mine before theirs. If someone tells them to jump off a cliff, they're gonna have to or die anyway!

    I am probably going to regret commenting any further. I just...have been lamenting this for the past couple of days. Hopefully someone understands.
    Greta wrote: »

    That will totally be on the bottom of the to do list and you know it Katherz. Humans ideologies conflict, (especially from the west coast). Stuff happens and you have to clean up messes to save your own asses. That's fine, whateverrrrrrrrrr I guess. Even tactful free speech is a luxury.

    The intent of these forums was their ultimate culmination to control us. No signatures, then no custom avatars, and now we have found out that warnings do not expire (as where the previous version did). With every new version they restricted us more. This uniform totalitarian platform was implemented INTENTIONALLY by Nexon NA that is based in LIBERAL LA of CALIFORNIA (which is having a HUGE exodus of citizens btw). They will not change anything about these forums Katherz. This is EXACTLY how they want the forums to be.

    They will eliminate me in a heart beat, and they will eliminate any employee they suspect any of insubordination or conflict to the company. This past year should completely and totally reflect that with greed on the side amplified. I know from glassdoor reviews that your higher ups were resentful of the snack bar they gave you guys to boost morale after the mass layoffs this year. After everything they put you through...that is disgusting. How DARE they!

    How am I supposed to take this? I am quite reasonably suspicious of everything at this point. I used to trust you guys! Where I thought everything was improving and defended you guys for years - this is what I get. I know it's selfish to say that, but I don't care anymore. It is what it is and I will speak my mind especially if I am pissed enough! Nexon is still awful and it's like reliving an old nightmare of the dark ages for this game.

    I held my tongue long enough. You can now ban me from the forums for something more worth it. :|

  • Goodbye Forums...?

    I know I am dragging my feet at this point, but I just wanted to say I will miss interacting with you guys. I've been lurking and reading this thread. This is officially my last comment here. Take care everyone. It's been fun.

    Hit me up on discord Gaea#3992 if you like, I have left the unofficial discord channel. I'm basically just going to avoid them at this point and here on.
  • we lost a player of tarlach today v.v

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  • About the fishing event...

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  • Black bag

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