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    Yep. I come and go too often these days from this game, it's infuriating that I can't save items like I used to for a rainy day. To be honest, I could care less about rebirth potions or ap potions. I'm sitting on over 20,000 AP, and nothing significant to use it on (sorry, not sorry). However, training potions, full restore potions, prof hammers, and the various other event items that expire... I would put some of them away in a bank tab for a later date IF they didn't expire.

    Keep in mind alot of us old timers hoarded -everything- from fomor scrolls, EVENT ITEMS, to gold, to materials, to npc weapons, and more.... It never hurt anyone, and the best part was if I decided to go on a hiatus my stuff would be there for a rainy day when I come back. I don't know what started this trend of giving us expiry event items a few years back, but whoever thought of that, needs to go back to the drawing board. Thanks.
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    No problem, I requested to add you and if you have anymore questions feel free to bug me personally or ask on the forums, I know a lot of people on here love to help too!
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    "Apps" are Applications. It's what you submit when you 'apply' to join a guild. :) Sometimes, certain guilds require you to fill out ones on their own guild websites outside of Mabinogi, other times you can just directly put a request in at the guild stone -- maybe note the guild leader or officer to let them know you are interested in joining.
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    Linamyon wrote: »
    courtneyy wrote: »
    @Linamyon Just curious, what server did you choose to play on? I'd be happy to help you with some basics if you ever have questions like these in the future :)

    Thank you Courtneyy!
    I'm on Alexina server

    It's so awesome that you have so many questions. It's great to hear that you are really trying to understand the game! The next time I log in to my Alexina character I'll send you an add request, and let you know it's me from the forums :) Is your IGN the same as your forum name? Also, don't be afraid to click on guild stones to read over them, it's best to always do that first anyway to make sure that the guilds are actually recruiting and accepting membership :). Some guilds even request that you do apps on their own guild websites before applying from their stone.
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    @Linamyon Just curious, what server did you choose to play on? I'd be happy to help you with some basics if you ever have questions like these in the future :)