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September 7, 1988
  • Rebirth Potion Parade

    Wait.. 2 pots a day is 5 days for completed rb pot , which is the same as normal rebirth... And rb potions expire after 72hours of crafting them..
    So what's the point in these rb potions?

    Since the potions can't be combined after the event Pickles doesn't see the point for this event.

  • Forced Solo Memory Dungeons need to be removed

    The "forced solo role play" Tells a story in the NPCs perspective and some of them should be considered as "flashback. "

    It's been part of the game since g1, I don't see the need to change it. Actually the new versions are a lot easier than the old RP dungeons when you needed 2-3 people to complete while only the player playing as the "MC" could progress the quest line.

    None of the RP are challenging, they just require thinking and calm planning since you aren't able 1 hit kill everything with your own character.
  • Do Mods/GM's care about the situation of bots?

    Twelie wrote: »
    AceDot wrote: »
    And these bots won't go down because Nexon won't IP ban people

    Wait, what? Are you serious??

    It's not they won't IP ban people it's they can't IP ban people.

    In this day and age all ISP assign dynamic Ips atleast in most of America. You literally have to pay extra for a static IP.

    Now with dynamic IP is really easy to change.

    A simple unplug of your modem/router for a good 5 mins would effectively allow your isp to assign you a new IP address, another way is to forcefully change the last integer on your MAC address for your router and reboot the modem, this will forcefully assign you a new IP.

    Now imagine nexon starts IP banning.

    Moment when suspect is IP banned what's the chances they just switch their IP?

    Now that old IP is potentially blocked and recycled given to another unsuspecting ISP customer.
    Now that person who did absolutely nothing wrong is now banned from nexon games without even knowing it.

    What's even worse is if they ban all accounts associating with the Old IP, now you just banned some poor souls nexon account just because they had the misfortune of obtaining a banned IP from their isp.

    Do you see where I'm going with this?

    You would do more harm than good with IP banning approach.

    IP banning is like Pickles saying "Oh all bots are from Comcast ISP, lets just ban all accounts who use Comcast as ISP. But wait Comcast gets their IPs from level 3 Communication, let's ban all level 3's IP addresses " Boom now 1/6th of entire world's IP addresses is banned from nexon.
  • Can I get a second chance for the Thunderbird?

    But key question is that are they on Mari Server and how much would I need to pay?

    If they do bring back the pet medals, I'd sell you mine for dirt cheap, actually I'd probably only charge you for the cost of the pet medal..

    Last time I was on mabi I sold clouds and dragons for 300k, 500k a pop.. (mistake on my part since I didn't know prices)

    I'm just waiting for a sale on pet medals again so I can offload all my pets to people who need them, then delete the account all together.

    It's not I can send a ticket to Nexon and ask them to refund me all the Money i've spent on NX buying pets/partners/character cards.etc