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  • Show off your adorable partners!

    I misread the thread title and almost posted the completely wrong thing
  • Lake Neagh Finishing

    Gaea wrote: »
    Trees wrote: »
    The trash is back. That didn't last long.

    You barely participate in the forums and you call me trash? The new forums have been around since December, but you know this - it's been 6 months. You won't last long if you intend on participating now, especially with blatantly rude comments like that. Also be a little more observant.

    What does participation have to do anything? I could post in every single thread, multiple times and still be a garbage user.
    Why wouldn't he last long because he didn't start posting at the beginning?
    Its a forums, not a competition, not a race, not anything. Just a place to post. He can last any amount of time he cares to post or lurk, join date has little to nothing to do with it.
  • Why do people just reject good ideas? :/

    Wait, there are people who play with talent icons NOT hidden? ?_?
  • Umm? Homestead Event??

    When you want homestead items, make parties to advertise you're buying and it becomes a party bidding war.
    When every item mailed to you for 350k is a damn pot
    I hate this event more every day. I just wanted some nice homestead props ;_;
  • A question about the Homestead Spring event.

    Man, you guys aren't lying when you say these rates are terrible. One or two homestead props a week, another 2 bonus rewards for people who did it every day, you really don't get much to work with, especially with the short duration of the event.
    Giant homesteads, 2 new flower pots or one trellis, one fence. Sure, someone could argue to just buy it all, but from the tiny player base we have compared to KR? Along with competing to buy said props from other players who want them.

    Not only do bad rates screw you over, but there won't be enough players, imo, to contribute, also with the nerf(?) this really doesn't help people pretty up a homestead much. At least this event is gonna' get you a fairy garden or/and greenhouse. That's if you didn't miss a few days.