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We all come from all walks of life, let's make our lives worth living!
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Just some guy who can't stop Mabi-ing! GET MOTIVATED!
  • Sweet Coffee Event

    Arjune wrote: »
    But mathematically still not possible to log in even for 29 days much less 30. Assuming timer resets at 7am.

    she gives a 'gift' for finding her 5 times and again at 10 times so maybe she lets you add 2 days in total? That seems to mean there's no room for errors in this event... don't miss a day. period

    I hope that isn't the case. I thought to look for her was an option for something extra. I'll be looking for her now but if we can't miss days I guess I missed my chance at doing this correctly. :c
  • Me, When I finally get to R1 cooking

    When I first capped cooking I looked back at the cursed cooking dungeon cauldron and vowed to never go back there. And I meant it. Been saving all my fairy event training seals for this moment. I'm not one to skip training skills like this but my therapist agrees this was an understandable move. Feels good to finally be done with cooking. oTL
  • [COMPLETED] Scheduled Maintenance - November 8th

    Greta wrote: »
    Iyasenu wrote: »
    Greta wrote: »
    Hinotama wrote: »
    Greta wrote: »
    I hate Life skills.
    I'm not interested enough in Homesteads.

    Sad. I can't feel the hype.

    What exactly do you get excited about?

    Anything that's not grindy or p2w.

    In a f2p MMORPG that's...
    Hmm... so like an update to lower the tankiness of dungeon mobs or to better the drop rates of actually worthwhile things?

    This game got really crappy RNG honestly on everything and Life skills aren't even entertaining or useful enough to care...

    If you don't like the game, stop playing and stop commenting in the forums.

    They've been like this for as long as I can remember. Best to leave things be I'm afraid.
  • Mari Halloween GM Event

    IGN: Kitsuyasha
    Server: Mari


    A bit quick but I had fun :D
  • Halloween GM Event

    Hide and seek event? SOUNDS FAMILIAR!
    Motivational will remember this.

    jkjk xD
    [Deleted User]