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  • Bring Back The Gypsy Talent Title

    I was so mad when they changed the title. It was my favorite talent title & I worked very hard to earn it. "Wandering Bard" sucks.

    While I get why they changed it, it's sad that we can't even play a game anymore without getting political or worrying about who's going to be offended.
  • Coming Back To Mabi

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    Thank you everyone for your comments & input. I'm glad to see that some people actually agree with me on some points.
    Leinei wrote: »
    I wish more outfits would be released in bags with perhaps idle animated versions being released in the gachas. Also, make the beauty stuff pon-based instead of coupon based (seriously, Nexon is shooting themselves in the foot with the coupon system) and update the older hairstyles so new players can have something nice to start out with. We could use an update on those textures of those old outfits/armors from days gone by as well.

    The funny thing is I would have assumed that Nexon would make more money off of shopping bags than gachas anyways. 1,000 players paying $10.00 for a guaranteed outfit over a few hundred spending a hundred dollars on a gacha would make more sense. But I guess it really depends on how many players really do buy the gacha & how much the average player spends.
    Leinei wrote: »
    I think I remember hearing about a thread where Homestead houses will be acting like the housing channel ones in the future.

    That would be amazing, but I really can't see Nexon giving up the money that they make from the housing service. There would probably be some kind of service charge for Homestead housing.
    Rank 1 reforged X-Grade equipment.

    Where once was a focus of Mabinogi as both a work of creativity and a commercial product, now favours it's money making potential and less of it as a game.

    Reforges are what killed the game. So many original players quit the game when reforges came out.

  • Coming Back To Mabi

    So I've been back playing Mabi again for like maybe the 100th time. Every time I quit the game & come back I end up quitting again. I've never really found a way to explain why until now.

    Coming back to play Mabi again is like when Selena Gomez gets back with Justin Bieber. It's fun & actually can be kind of sweet at first. There's a new event, maybe a skill or 2 to learn. You can see old friends again or make new friends. And then the lag hits again. You find that quest that's still impossible to do, no matter how strong your character gets. You get disconnected randomly...all of the time. A new gacha comes out & it's gacha this gacha that. Your friends are all gone or AFK. And then you remember why you quit to begin with...Mabi never really changes.

    Mabi still hasn't changed. It's still the exact same game that I played before I left & it's still the exact same game I play today. Which is kind of sad. I've played other games before & I've never seen a game like Mabi. I love being able to customize my character and do whatever I want, instead of being limited or defined by a class or role. I don't think that the developers quite understand how unique of a game it is. Being unique isn't enough though. Each time I come back, I see fewer & fewer people playing. Nobody from my friends list has played in months. Channel 1 isn't full on a Saturday night. There aren't people at Tara or Tal doing dailies.

    I just hope that if I quit again, there will still be a Mabi to come back to later...
  • Shop grid system

    There has got to be a better way to place shops in Belvast & Dunbarton. Everyone wants to sell there stuff & not everyone can because of the way shops just get set up randomly all over the place. So much space is wasted! Maybe shops can be made like kiosks where they're all facing the same direction & take up only so much space. Look at all of the space wasted!