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  • Weekly Loc Discussion: Title Revamp!

    Jazmyn wrote: »
    Greta wrote: »
    Arjune wrote: »
    overall the changes are nice and I'm glad you did it :)

    I'm still, however, annoyed after all this time that "King of Rock" from the rock paper scissors event got changed to "Ruler of Rock" for seemingly no reason. Usually I don't touch most of the crappy fodder titles from events, but I actually USED King of Rock/Queen of Rock and now it's not King of Rock/Queen of Rock so I couldn't care less. I'd love if you changed that back too.... and if it had something to do with one of the titles being "Scissors Queen" ... well Just because Queen of Scissors could be interpreted differently by dirty-minded people doesn't mean you should have to change it. I mean Master of Hoeing still exists doesn't it?

    Can't think of any dirty thoughts on Queen of Scissors.

    *Googles to find out definition*

    Oooookay... I see now. I never knew... LOL.

    We also have Master of Milking... It sounds so hilarious :D and dirty :^)

    And the Master of Hoeing. >.>

    Combine it all as Master Farmer, that should get rid of the misunderstandings haha
  • Re:Zero

    Liyeta wrote: »
    Demoncat wrote: »
    Never cared for these stupid butt boring as hell Asian cartoon cross overs to me its nothing more then a Massive cringe fest yuck >.<

    From now on im going to call anime as asian cartoon.

    Should be called Japanese cartoons to be specific, because other Asian animation/cartoons are different.
  • Dog Appreciation and OX Event?

    Summer usually is for a lot of events.
  • Dog Appreciation and OX Event?

    Veebat wrote: »
    I'm curious where these events are at the moment, they were teased and talked about the preview stream yesterday but they didn't seem to be included in today's patch

    I really want the dog robe and am just curious as to when the events are setting out to live servers ^^

    I would say coming soon, but not yet.
  • Re:ZERO Boxes - Event Reward OR Lucky Gambling?

    Where's all of the above and none of the above options?