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  • Hair Color Suggestion!

    Flashy hair dyes, please.

    Two-toned flashy hairs.
  • How many wings can you equip?

    why are you still on the ground tho
  • Dissapointment

    I'm not impressed with their apparent inability to figure out their own cash shop, but I'm also not going to pretend that extended maints are somehow a current ongoing problem.

    JoeyDee9 wrote: »
    I do want to say this just so it gets out there. This is the first extended maintenance we've had in a very long time.

    Yea you tell 'em

    I can't believe we're back to complaining about extended maints when the majority of recent maints have been on time or early. Context matters, this is a completely different situation from the early years of Mabi. Extended maints are rare events these days.

    OP claims to have only just returned for the first time in 10 years, so I guess we're supposed to believe he just coincidentally returned for the first extended maint in ages, and coincidentally missed all those months years of weekly maints than ended on schedule?

  • Just a rant.

    The cheaters who turned Alexina's economy into a disaster have moved to Nao, as it is bigger and therefore a better market for dodgy transactions.

    Have fun!
  • Mabinogi Feedback Survey!

    Alright, I've popped into the other thread and I've found the reason we're not on the same page.

    Helsa wrote: »
    There will always be gold sellers, there will always be ad bots in Dunby Square.

    I'd like you to know that we're not thinking of the same bots. You're clearly thinking of the foreign gold selling businesses that have always been around in the game. The bots I blame for the current state of affairs in Alexina were player-made and operated, and distributed inside certain guilds.

    I understand that you probably haven't heard the existence of these people until now. You needed to either have been part of them, or have eyes and ears inside those cliques/guilds, to know what they were up to. Obviously 99% of players didn't have that privilege. I wasn't supposed to know any of this either, but I was lucky enough to be friends with people who used to have access to those guilds (and got blackballed when they made numerous attempts to alert Nexon of their activities).

    They had scripts for running missions with multiple alts, doing daily quests for adventurer seals and exp fruit, building squires, grinding skills etc; basically automating many things that were tedious and profitable. They used those cheats to fill their own bank accounts, and then paid extraordinary prices for all the good gear and useful things like rebirth potions. Others sold the gold to other players. These sellers aren't related to the ad bots, they're actual players in our server. When I mentioned trapping a bot on a fence earlier in this thread, it wasn't a gold ad bot - it was someone's main character, a person who has been leader/officer of several end-game guilds. This character is standing afk in Dunby right now.

    So I don't blame you for the confusion. I made it worse by being vague, which I had to do to avoid identifying anyone directly because of the rules regarding harassment.

    I actually think Nexon's done a decent enough job of curbing the botting and sales by those foreign businesses, so I don't really care about those. It's their inability to monitor and take down entire guilds of cheaters within their own playerbase that bothers me. These players were not permabanned like they should have been, and were basically allowed to continue pumping their ill-gained gold into our market to the point where it's at now.