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  • Auction System Minimum Bid Potential Abuse

    I do not mean to be a jerk about things, but you seem to have described the terms of 'minimum', 'bid', and 'auction' correctly, yet seem to think that how they work is not how they are supposed to work?

    Like are we the people missing something or have you never been to an auction IRL?
    If no one else bids then the highest bid( in this case, also the first) wins. That is like saying 'yeah I auctioned off a niche item and made the lowest possible price of attainment low, and then that lowest price won because nobody else was interested!'
  • Is it finally time?

    Daktaro wrote: »
    Greta wrote: »
    Sephard3 wrote: »
    Everyone keeps saying charging strike displacement (which I've dealt with by clicking the target and waiting for my character to do a normal attack before I use spinning uppercut) but what about the real issue here: intermediate magic

    Spamming Thunder? Can't even spellwalk around while your previous cast is hitting enemies. Ice Spear chaining? Have fun teleporting back to the same spot over and over every time an enemy explodes. Fireball? Not too big of an issue but still forces you to stop moving right before the fireball goes off.

    Completely unbelievable that these skills undo your movement commands when they hit enemies.

    Never had those issues. Send in a ticket?

    Same. Or the guy has potato internet lel.

    i've had them...
    noticed it clearly when spamming thunder and ice spear in baltane nowhere to run
    my internet is not the best but it's not really potato either. i do live in NZ though so have really bad ping
    try spamming int magic with spellwalk on

    fighter really does need fixing too, can't brush that off

    for me, idk what people are meaning when they say rafting is broken

    All I do is spam Thunder, so if it's broken in more than one way I haven't seen it.
    In my case every about 1/10 enemies I try to hit will not allow the attack to happen, won't let me swap targets, cancel spells, etc. for about 30-45 seconds, effectively locking me from doing anything even though I'm within range to attack properly.
    Normally happens 2-3 times per raft, but almost guaranteed that it happens in the first 'batch'.
  • Turn Commas Off/On In Settings

    I wouldn't consider the addition of commas a game-changing addition, but I am 100% for it as a quality of life update. That being said, I see zero reason to NOT allow it be to a toggle.

    What is your reason for disliking it, if I may ask?

    Edit: Forgot the not in the sentence, lol.
  • Well Played Nexon.

    Sherri wrote: »
    Rhey wrote: »
    I wasn't around during the black_robed period tho. Is it more than just visual shenanigans? :o

    Same here, can somebody explain it? c:

    Yeah it's more than just a visual thing. I was around during the tent scare. Supposedly, if you logged in and saw your character black robed, it means that your character's data was permanently corrupted (the black robe was because the game couldn't make sense of the corrupted data and therefore could no longer process your appearance/clothes).

    Basically, you would not be able to access that character. At all. Forever. You would have to delete them and start over. Hence why it was so scary.

    To clarify on the 'tent scare'; people found a way to supposedly just teleport you into a tent and then interact with your character to corrupt all the data. So people were very afraid of just being AFK and would make sure that they were doing an action such as playing dead or talking to a shopkeeper to prevent the ability of being teleported. The gist is after you traded with them or however the interaction would happen, you would be force disconnected and then when you log back on, aforementioned blackrobing.

    And then there was a bunch of numbskulls using camp kits for 'BLACK_ROBE_TENT_442' or w/e just to spread the fear.
  • :O Omg!

    Negumiko wrote: »
    plus there is a option to get a Floral Fairy pet that comes with a shopping bag. nice to see such a great pet return as it is very helpful when doing life skills. it is a great sale for new players that want a useful pet and the outfit.

    About that...I was thinking of getting one. Does the gather speed stack with any other gather increase effects (like gather pots or music buffs)? Do you happen to know?

    I'm pretty sure they stack, I generally get the floral fairy + harvest song+ Fleet Feet + Speed pot going when I'm shearing sheep, and they all seem to make a difference.