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Last Active
December 15, 1994
  • Spooky Halloween Screenshot Contest Submissions

    emergency surgery!! there's no copay down here- and don't worry about anesthesia, you won't be feeling much longer!!

    IGN: Taffyta
    Server: Nao
    (some very cool entries! good job guys!)
  • Official Past Event Suggestions Thread

    Doki Doki, of course, but also story events like little ghost and samhain
    ...since those were all events I didn't get to be around for and would like to play!
  • Ask a Dev Thread

    I saw that KR has recently gotten skin/eye/hair colours unlocked to all races, but will more skin colours ever be added? The brown options are really lacking, in particular olive toned light/med browns would be nice.

    Are outfits ever going to be updated to be more friendly to characters with higher weight values? There's a lot of odd stretching and clipping, especially with some of the more recent outfits where the idle animation has the outfit itself moving, like the imperial commander or noble hanbok outfits: the pose has the outfit modeled around an assumed default weight while it moves so on a fatter character it clips through their actual body model.

    Is the potential system ever going to be updated with more levels and rewards?
  • Why do you play Mabi?

    I started playing mabi.. sometime years back just because a good amount of my friends did and it was a cool way to hang out. I never got very into the combat stuff or story or anything (I was there when G9 was released, and then G13, so my old character has those started along with G1 but never finished) it was just neat to log in to a little fantasy life. My friend used to take me to mine for fossils and for some reason I really liked that back then?
    Anyway I'd go back and forth through playing and not playing, around 2015 for the anniversary that year was the last time I logged in for two years and I started playing again last year and have been playing since then !! Mabi keeps me coming back because it's really charming in its ways. I'm not much of a combat oriented person in any video game, I like exploring and relaxing and doing other things and mabi has a nice world to just EXIST in. I like to sit in some of the pretty areas I just like to look at my character she's really cute ok? Fashion is definitely most of what I play for the amount of outfit pieces and the way you can dye and customize is awesome.
    I mean the way some things are locked behind paywalls and gacha is disappointing but.. in general it's fun for me. Another big part of why I keep playing is just the community, in the last year of playing mabinogi really actively I've met a bunch of cool people! And they're really great to see and hang out with. Good company makes fantasy life worth living, you know?
  • [FWD]Crisis Escape resets status effects visually

    What is the issue? If you use crisis escape with a visual status effect, like poison, the visual indicators don't re-apply. Meaning you can't tell exactly when you stop being poisoned, which is a little annoying.
    What steps must be taken for us to recreate the issue? Get poisoned, use crisis escape, come out of crisis escape.
    What do you expect to happen instead? For the visual effects to either persist over the crisis escape object or re-apply when you exit crisis escape
    ign&server: Taffyta of Ruairi
    (tested with berserker music too)