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  • Dan Test On East Coast connection?

    Honestly give this a try from the EU... It should honestly not be too bad from the East Coast..
  • What item would prefer in-game vs gachapon?

    Opalthira wrote: »
    Sorry for the chicken scratch writing.

    The training category is already either;
    A) A flooded Market because of gachapons
    B)The trash reward tier for almost every event.
    I think this is in an ok state.

    Skill reset capsule aren't not needed.
    Simply because you can reset at Duncan now for cheap.

    Recovery items
    Almost if not all of those are sold in the Seal Merchants store daily.
    And you can buy them pretty easily because you can spam the dailies on all characters.

    They're the main source of income for this game tbh.
    They always sell for high amounts of money regardless of how ugly they are
    and people just eat them up like candy.

    These are pretty cheap now basic always set to 50% off when buying from bots.
    As for commerce reforges they are farmable from doing commerce.

    Trade potions
    Yeah these are pretty much gacha only but frequents are purchasable from events.
    So i'm in an ok state with these too.

    Pet adoption medal
    I honestly don't know what to say about this one other than its harder to get than most.
    Simply because it requires pre-paid nx, and if you aren't from the US it cost you much more money than the card says
    for its total worth.

    I find that the state of the game is ok.
    They gave us an event that gave out wings for 60 days - a year thats better than nothing I suppose.
    As long as those reforge shops don't close reforges are in an ok state.
    Most of the other stuff on this list is obtainable in game.
    So the game is ok for me.

    Specifically the reforge part really depends on your server, on Mari they still float around 450-500k ea for fines and 1.5-2m for credne's.

    I do full hardheartedly think that pet adoption medals should be craftable...