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  • re-texturing for some of the older outfits

    oh yes i'm back with yet another suggestion post!!!! recently i bought my friend an outfit that looked really cute and would suit their character, but once they tried it on we both noticed just how terrible looking the texture on it looked... which sparked a thought in my head. what if some of the older outfits (i'm talking really early mabi clothing, like 2011-era) got a new texture job? since then, i've noticed some of the older outfits have this strange metallic texture to them that really show their age. in some cases it looks nice, but in these cases... not so much.

    this outfit in particular is the cause of my distress:

    it's a really cute outfit, but the texture on it is so metallic and awkward looking that it takes away from just how cute it really is. i get that it's supposed to be a winter outfit, but that doesn't change that it aged poorly and just looks really weird. if it had the plain, soft texture like, say, the lily romantic dress (which is basically the same outfit but shorter and with a plain texture), it would look perfect! i'm sure that texturing and clothing and all that isn't left up to the localizers so i doubt this idea would ever become a reality, but i'd at least like to know if others feel the same way.
  • LF>Artist(s) to commission-215m~ remaining+ITEMS

    hello!!! i currently have commissions open if you're interested! ^^
    here is my deviantART:
    and my art shop here on the forums:
  • Dark Skintone Options for Elves!

    i'm completely in support of this! i know for a fact there's a lot of people who prefer to tailor their characters appearance as closely as they can to what they look like in real life (i know i do, that's why all my characters are male and have black hair lol) so there really should be an option to have dark skin when playing as an elf. it feels really unfair that the other races can have dark skin but elves can't, especially since they live in the desert. i've been playing mabinogi for about 10 years now and there's seriously no piece of lore stating that elves can't have dark skin, it's only black hair that was a problem, but even then black haired elves still existed.

    and to bring lore into this... milletian's are not affected by tuathan (the npc race) restrictions. milletian's have total control over their appearance in the lore, so EVEN IF there were a lore reason for elves not having dark skin, it wouldn't effect milletian's. they can literally do whatever they want. the pets that players can have in game are milletian's. if they can choose to be a frickin' scooter, then they can choose to have dark skin.

    (Comment removed to prevent derailment/issues.)
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    thank you for posting this thread! i love fashion a lot and i'm always happy to show off my characters outfits tumblr_m9gckz0sJR1qzckow.gif

    i usually fluctuate between the first three, but the fourth one was my main outfit for a long time! (also sorry for the dark lighting i was too impatient to wait until day time aha)

    first outfit:
    head: eweca ladeca headdress
    outfit: red eye strap suit (m)
    shoes: hebona shoes
    gloves: magus crest bracer

    second outfit:
    head: volume beret
    outfit: brilluen tail suit (m)
    shoes: floral fairy sandals (m)
    gloves: magus crest bracer

    third outfit:
    head: volume beret
    outfit: eluned elite student uniform (m)
    shoes: floral fairy sandals (m)
    gloves: magus crest bracer

    fourth outfit:
    head: royal hunter beret (m)
    outfit: royal hunter light armor (m)
    shoes: altam's grieves
    gloves: altam's gauntlets


    i also really adore my human alt's outfit ;w;

    head: meryl wig (m)
    outfit: 2012 premium winter newbie wear (m)
    shoes: magus crest boots (m)
  • a friend told me mabi is shutting down? is it?

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    FayeKaiba wrote: »
    Face palms
    People have been saying Mabi is shutting down since I joined the game nearly 7 years ago. Mabi is not shutting down any time soon. It's still pulling in alot of money. There are still alot of events going on, new content gets released, Updates happen, revampes still happen (and more to come)
    Also EN? Do you man EU? If so, the EU server shut down in 2012 due to EU breaking the TOS and going behind KR's back.
    If anything, yes, one day the game will shut down, like all games do. This is not happening to Mabinogi anytime soon though.

    no i meant the EN server, aka the one that i play on... i should've said NA instead, i'm just so used to referring to NA servers as EN lmao.
    Helsa wrote: »
    My guess is that your friend read the name of G21, and their imagination ran away with them. There are folks here now that were on the EU servers so they've already been through such a thing. I think they would be more sensitive to any similar signs of that happening here. As long as Mabinogi continues to make the expect rated of return for Nexon it won't be going anywhere; so go out and buy some NX and do your part to ensure it doesn't.

    they said they heard that it was shutting down sometime last year so i don't think it was the g21 announcement (when i told them g21 was coming out they were surprised about it too). i didn't think the game was shutting down so i was very confused haha, now i'm just pissed at my friend for lying to me like that.
    Nifanity wrote: »
    ........Still, I think ditching a friend who may have been misinformed is still too much given the circumstance

    in regards to this friend, it's not the first time they've done stuff like this and they've been doing things to scare me like this since we were kids aha... i'm not gonna ditch them for this though, i'm used to their bullshit and they're a close family friend so even if i wanted to i couldn't cut ties with them ^^;

    thank you guys for the reassurance about this... i was really worried even though i knew there was no way it was shutting down soon. i've been playing since 2009 (gone through at least three accounts at this point) so i have a very strong attachment to mabi. i get really scared and paranoid whenever people say it's shutting down even if there's no proof to support the claims.
    KelpSoda wrote: »
    well yes ofc it's eventually happening (sometime in the future) and you will lose everything related to the game since it never really belonged to you

    chances are you get bored of the game before that happens

    ehhh... chances are of me getting bored of the game before it shuts down are very unlikely considering i've been playing it religiously for almost 10 years. obviously it'll shut down at some point but i'm talking about in the very near future, not further along.