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  • Why do people constantly insist that mabi is dying

    I think people tend to overuse the word "dying" to equal "boring" instead. As in, people are bored of Mabi so it seems dead, because they're either AFKing or just not signing in at all for the time being.

    Here's to hoping the new year will bring in good events to bring people back.
  • Festia Instant Prize

    ShouK wrote: »
    This is pretty unfair. They should increase the limit for Alexina since it is the server with the highest population..

    If they did that, they'd have to raise them for all the servers though, or a lot of people would be upset. I do think the top prizes should restock at least once though for every server, before they change them to the new prizes.
  • Festia Instant Prize

    Kokoro wrote: »
    nevyn25 wrote: »
    what I hate most is the top prizes being gone within 24-48 hours and not resetting for the whole week. meaning that it's basically useless to even do the event after fridays on alexina

    Oooh I didn't even think about that. I haven't been on yet today to see how many are left for Tarlach. Once they're taken, I'm just gonna save up all my coins for after the reset.

    So will everybody else. All the top prizes will be gone in the first 2 hours after reset...

    Yeah that's true. Tarlach still has some top prizes left. Only one thing of wings has been given out, we still have two blade coupons left, and a few gold chests still.

    On Ruairi, we've got one pair of wings left. About 80 gold chests left, and no one has ever claimed a chain blade so we have all of those remaining. I've a feeling that everyone on here is going to keep spending all their coins until chain blades are actually gone. I wonder if it will be easier with the wings out of the way.

    I think a lot of people are aiming for the chain blade too; I wouldn't mind that or wings or the gold though lol.
  • Festia Instant Prize

    Miuna wrote: »
    That very same thing happens to me every time. I just assumed it's how it worked but it's also frustrating so I started to spam clicking and stop looking at the animation and getting my hopes crushed... I kept getting crap eitherway... but feels less frustrating.

    Glad it's not just happening to me, I agree it's super frustrating. I've only gotten crap too :/
  • Festia Instant Prize

    So this keeps happening to me, and I just find it odd, but when I do the Festia instant prize, it'll stop on one prize like I've won it, for example a number 2 prize or something, then jumps to giving me the number six prize instead. Is this on purpose or? I don't understand why if so. And this happens regardless of whether I tell it to draw or just let the game do it.