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  • When are they going to merge the servers? mabinogi

    Gaby5011 wrote: »
    Funny how this thread went from server merge to bots and inflation.

    Welp, I'll see myself out.

    Cause people think that server merge will magically fix every problem, grievance, and issue they have. Bot problem? Server merge! Inflation? Server merge! Lead in the water pipes? Server merge! Mum-Ra hatching an evil scheme to rule the world? SERVER MERGE!!!!
  • What if Hailstorm became like Giant Fullswing

    Let's throw some Hail storm revamp ideas out there:

    Idea 1: Make hail storm similar to shock, the player spends the same time casting it and it forms a storm around the player, it automatically throws hail crystals as soon as enemies are in range, instead of a bigger stronger crystal, it creates 5 crystals and it can lock on and attack up to 5 enemies at once, the player is free to move around and use other skills while Hail storm is in effect. Duration is 30 secs, cool down is 60. Each crystal's reload time is 2 secs.

    Idea 2: Hail storm is similar to rain casting, it creates an area where enemies take constant damage and get a speed debuff.

    Idea 3: The skill behaves as it is now, but it cannot be canceled when the player is knocked back. The player is free to move while the skill is in effect and is also permitted to use ice bolt and ice spear while the skill is in effect. Normal attacks will launch hail crystals, when using ice bolt, you get an extra ice bolt charge for every single charge, when using ice spear, the resulting explosion freeze does not degrade in damage as it spreads.

    Idea 4: Hail storm is exactly the same as it is now, but the crystal charges faster and has a bigger splash radius (~800) and longer range (~2000). There is also a chance to inflict Ice spear freeze effect.
    LadameRadiant DawnTolnaKageitoAlexLight
  • Sale Heads-Up! 5/2/19

    Leinei wrote: »
    FayeKaiba wrote: »
    Leinei wrote: »
    FayeKaiba wrote: »
    Gaea wrote: »
    Leinei wrote: »
    Gaea wrote: »
    Remember that story of that one player who said he was going to kill this other player for wearing flashy gear? I remember. XD

    Woah, what?! Seriously? O_O
    Leinei wrote: »
    Gaea wrote: »
    Remember that story of that one player who said he was going to kill this other player for wearing flashy gear? I remember. XD

    Woah, what?! Seriously? O_O

    Yeah empty threats he made because his significant other was epileptic. People can become really defensive and impede on other people's freedoms, entitled bs. I mean flashing lights sometimes makes me feel dizzy and gives me migraines. You know what I do? I don't keep staring at it. smh.

    Hello! That was me XD
    Yes! He told me to remove my flashy outfit because it was going to give his SO a sizure and he even threatened to report me XD

    Uuuuuh huh... tell me you didn't remove it. There are plenty of aspects of the game that have seizure triggers like the visual effects of spells and probably some of the animations.

    Furthermore, if you want someone to accommodate you? You ASK politely, not demand. You don't threaten. Heck, you could have taken their threat and turned that in to Customer Service for rude behavior.

    Nope! I didn't remove it at all. I told him I will not be removing the outfit and for him to kindly go on his way, and he got pissed off and kept telling me I was abusing players and posing as a threat. He noted me two weeks later saying he was more pissed off because appearently nexon told him that I was causing no harm to him and they were not going to do anything. To this day, 8 years later, he doesn't talk or interact with me. It's sad and sorta hilarious.

    Good. Calling players that use flashies abusive to other players or calling them threats is uncalled for. Nexon could stand to implement a button that disables the flashies for player-side optimizing, but there are plenty of instances in the game with flashes. =T

    Glad Nexon didn't fall for his crap.

    Yes, cause a player using in-game items to customize their characters to their tastes is abusing others. Precious Snowflakes at their finest. Also I wonder if they are really having problems because they're constantly zoomed in on kaiba and have them fill up their screen. Imagine kaiba, that 8 years from now, they stalk you in the corner, and you're unaware that they have their camera fixed on you and all your flashy dye glory.
  • Useful Dan ranks for Potion Making

    For the enchant protection I think it would be better if the ingredients came from higher dungeons as a semi-rare drop. Basically you'd get an enchant potion that is tradeable, but still rare to not devalue it. It'd also encourage players to run more dungeons/content. The alternative is to make an enchant booster pot instead. Instead of protecting an item, it increases the success of an enchant that can go on it and can be stacked with an enchant protection. Like using a pot will increase the chance by like 50% of the base rate. (So 30% chance will be come 45%).

    The age potions, yes, all the yes. These should be easy to make.


    There are those that want to GATTAI!!! And there are those that do not want to GATTAI!!!! I think KR's solution to that was not to merge the servers but they did implement a paid server change option.

    Also I'd like to bring up the issue where people say that a server merge is very easy technically and its just merging the database and adding some prefixes for name/ID conflicts. I'd like to take the time to remind you that this is an old game and the current team working on it has came out and said that there are several black box codes that they have no idea how it works. I'd also like to remind you that in the recent server "upgrade" where they were literally just moving things to another computer caused hotkeys, inventory, and pet tabs to break. No, a server merge will not be easy and most likely not worth the money required to do it. I'll probably say that we'll never ever see a server merge, but a server change option is more likely.