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  • Goodbye

    Greta wrote: »
    Yea, maybe the end is near meme is right.

    I set up shop to sell food this weekend and hardly sold any. The population in Mabi must be similar to Japan's actual population crisis.

    Who buys food in this game...? xD

    You'll be surprised.

    Unless gen 23 has more cooking related story quests I doubt people are going to be buying things like smores off of anyone for a long time.
    Still haven't done 22 yet but I still find that smores being required to save the world hilarious.

    G23 does have new cooking recipes that can be catered for some super strong cater effects. The ingredients, dishes and cater itself would be a hot commodity.
  • Permanent Form of Soulmate Chat?

    Pan wrote: »
    Location tracker is good. They should a built-in one similar to Maplestory. (ie. /find <ign>)

    Otherwise known as the "Stalker" feature. I mean if its JUST the soulmate system that's fine since its bound to a single person only and they have to agree to it in the first place.
  • Dan tests are fun.

    Yeah I didn't even bother taking screenshots of all the fails, but I had ~30 tries at the Dan 3 Water Cannon before I got it, both times I finally succeeded it was with a score of almost 16k lmao. My second Flame Burst Dan 3 also had 12021 e.e

    But I suppose Alchemy isn't even as crit-heavy as Magnum? I haven't touched any Ranged Dan tests yet.

    Human magnum is the most horrific thing to ever exist. On KR, its the only dan to receive a cross bones rating. The scale is normally 1 - 5 stars. The problem with Magnum is that you're rolling RNG for if your shots even connect, and the points you get for a successful hit are abysmally low. You could be doing great, and then RNG decides that NO, YOU ARE ACTUALLY BEING SUCCESSFUL FOR ONCE, YOU MUST BE SMACKED DOWN. And gives you 10 failed shots in a row.
  • Doki Doki be like...

    Gaea wrote: »
    Leinei wrote: »

    That's a root awakening.

    Stop it, stop spreading Bliss's pun disease. I don't want to die like this!
  • Vote for your waifus nerds

    Veylaine wrote: »
    GTCvActium wrote: »
    Aquasol wrote: »
    Avelin's cute with her hair shorter, but Eiren is so cool, and seems to really treat the player as a friend and companion that's helped her. I'm cheering for Eiren all the way~

    Eirawen seems to be into the player as more than just a friend. There's a few dialog exchanges that teases her 'attraction' to the player regardless of their gender. If anything she'd rather you just work for her in the kingdom loafing around in the royal palace if only just to give her a sense of security, basically a living teddy bear all things considered.

    Avelin on the other hand sees you on a more professional light. A reliable and powerful ally that she trusts with more sensitive information. The relationship is also much more professional. From her point of view, the player is a specialist operative of the organization whose powers, experience, and expertise are invaluable in combating the current threat they are facing and is an individual of similar rank. (She doesn't treat you as a subordinate, and is much closer to being a peer).

    On that note I prefer Eirawen if only because she has a much more personal connection to the player. She also has a much better character arc of which we were an active participant in. We meet her as a highborn princess who had the world at her beck and call, we then stand witness as she loses everything, from her friends, to her father figure and at her lowest was just a sobbing mess that was moments away from being murdered. She ends her story as the wise Queen of Tara whom the player helped build directly, using their status as a hero they built an alliance of various factions and installed her as the leader before securing her position by helping her overthrow an unfit ruler. By comparison, Avelin begins as a well respected member of the Alban Knights, and ends pretty much the same way, her only change in character is her coming to terms of her brother's death.

    did you misread eiren as eirawen, or did you really want to compare avelin with eirawen? lol

    Upon closer inspection yes. I'm pretty sure I screwed up everything I did at work yesterday too from the 1 hr shift OTL.