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  • Balloon event!

    You can get 15 on weekends, and 13 on weekdays, if you check the list of ways to earn them. 4 from dailies, 1 from logging in, 1 / 3 from staying online for 36 minutes, and up to 7 from the end-chests of shadow missions. If you run 5 more shadow missions, you should end up with 13.

    and don't forget the npc that appear at 7pm pdt........i hate NA timer they never take consideration for EU Players T-T
  • [Announcement] Server Merge & FAQ

    Eralea wrote: »
    I've set up an experiment to see how exactly the Dressing Room will break post-merge.




    These three Eras are on the same account and will all be moved to the Nao server, combining their dressing rooms into one. Anyone wanna bet on what will happen?

    the shoes will fusion into one and become <shoe's name>+3
    and the 3 characters will perform a dragon ball style fusion and become a new race with long ears, high stature, big build and able to use final hit final shot and final strike all togather !!!???
  • Questions for Fellow Guild Leaders/Members

    Ataraxiz wrote: »
    Rayka wrote: »
    ...in past i took consideration to join your Guild but give up because from looking your Forum Post on Guild Recruiting made me feel like a very Restrict (bound to rules) at same time Forceful? i mean it give a sensation that members must be active and participate to the guild so loners aren't accepted vibe...

    @Rayka Thank you for your response!

    I wish you would have messaged me so I could explain a little better in more of a conversational tone :D. Electrolytes is not at all strict or forceful. The reason we have rules and regulations in place is so that members understand that our guild does not allow people to potentially harm others experiences in the game/guild. In my time on Mabinogi I've come across many issues with players who have provoked and hurt other people. Yes, it is a game, but some people are sensitive and would rather stay away from those kinds of people. Games should be fun and if you share a close space with those kinds of people it can ruin your experience. I have been in guilds where that sort of attitude is allowed and found that it harms the game-play of others quite frequently. Therefore, I created a set of rules I thought would turn away people with negative intentions. A safe haven, in other words.

    As for participation, ask any of my members, we do not enforce participation. You are allowed to pick and choose what you partake in. All we ask is that you let us know if you decide to take a break or if you are unable to get online for some reason. Anyone who is removed for being inactive for a long while is left with a note that they are allowed to rejoin when they return if they so choose!

    I'm glad you found a guild for you and I will take your perspective into consideration in the future!
    i see, guess i was kinda rush on my side to make decision without asking first, and yeah i hate drama left my First guild(lasted 3 years) on mabi because of it, people that pretend to know everythings about other and trash talking, kinda terrible experience , despite played other mmo games mabinogi was my only game that lasted for 7+ years and thanks to that i experienced for first time Guild Drama x| , i guess that event was one of reason why i build up a privacy wall in a online game
  • Questions for Fellow Guild Leaders/Members

    Ataraxiz wrote: »
    Gaea wrote: »
    Yeah don't stress yourself about it. It kills the game. It's a good idea to keep things casual but at the same time try to be active. I think for my members it's good that we at least login everyday (or almost everyday) If we feel like running stuff we will. Sometimes we just chill and that's ok.

    -pat pat-

    I also believe the bigger the guild the deader the guild.

    Our guild actually had 40+ people online in-game on weekends and even hosted small events during banquet together. There were times 95% of banquet was just our guild alone. I think a big issue now is that some people lurk and never try to participate? Like, its okay to be shy but at the same time I think its necessary to try to be social at the very least? As long as there is effort being put out there, I see no problems with being in our guild - however, some people don't even do that. :/
    i'm sorry i'm just that kind of person that despite being in a guild just doesnt put effort to participate to guild events, mostly i guess as a old player i burned out from to be active on mabi but prefer playing it casual and doing things on whim when i get the feel/motivation to do it, ofc i still help out others on guild if i have time and don't take too serious, in past i took consideration to join your Guild but give up because from looking your Forum Post on Guild Recruiting made me feel like a very Restrict (bound to rules) at same time Forceful? i mean it give a sensation that members must be active and participate to the guild so loners aren't accepted vibe

    and Gaea is right the big the guild the harder to manage it, so which in consequence it turn dead,for this reason i joined a small guild with few online members
  • Guardian Guilds Get Good Caters

    Iyasenu wrote: »
    So there's the shop that Guardian Guilds get access to.
    You can buy a certain limit of things from it per day (on a per item basis) and they all have an expiration timer of 12 hours.

    One of those is a new food item called Food of Champions.

    You can buy 10 of them per real day (limit is per guild member), and they give +50 HP/MP/Stamina and +30 Str/Int/Dex/Will/Luck.

    Like all the other Guardian Shop items they expire in 12hours, but the true bonus is that these things can be used to make a catering dish, and they lose that expiration timer once they're made into one!
    So Guardian Guilds can get access to a pretty nice catering dish every day, that they can trade away or just share with others for a nice stat boost.

    For all the other items, there's HP/MP/SP 300 SE and Wound Remedy 100 SE potions for 500g apiece, limit 20 per day.
    Weapon Power Potion (1 Hour) for 5k, limit 2 per day.
    Magic Power Potion (1 Hour) for 5k, limit 2 per day
    Combat 2x EXP Potion (2 Hour) for 5k, limit 1 per day
    Unrestricted Dungeon Pass for 10k, limit 1 per day
    Elite Pass Box for 10k, limit 1 per day
    Baltane Mission Elite Pass Box for 10k, limit 1 per day
    2x Skill Training Potion Box (gives your choice of any five 10 minute 2x skill training potions, box costs 5k, limit 1 per day. The potions inside also expire in 12 hours.
    And finally a 300% Golden Experience Fruit for 50,000 gold, limit 1 per day.

    And it turns out, if no other guild actually signs up for the Town you're trying to become the Guardian of, your guild wins by default and gets the title.
    The Bandit mission completes instantly and you don't even have to wait for Sunday's Capture the Flag, since there would also be no one else to participate against.

    So anyways, this is the info on the shop.

    can it be traded between alts by bank?

    i mean letting both alt and main join the guild and buying stuff for Main using bank