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  • Catch me if you can!


    nuff said :D
  • Does luck effect the animal taming skill?

    Dark Knight Control of Darkness can passively increase the succes rate even if you don't have DK on
  • Can we not immediately scream for nerfs?

    Doppelganger from Face to Face is stupid, i mean why did they make it with such high hp + reg and the worst is they have Clones that increase 15% prots each every 1 minutes >_> , i wasted like around 50-60 minutes to kill it!!!now i wonder how does people kill it with firebolt or other stuff when it recover so fast the hp...
  • Tory Ravine

    Gaea wrote: »
    Stolias wrote: »
    Sadly, Tory Ravine will not open with the 2nd half of G21.
    All I hope for Tory Ravine is that the Dev Acknowledge all the NPCs in Commonwealth discussing Tory Ravine.

    Ah...well at least that's indication for g22. They can't leave it closed off forever.

    Well they could, it would just end up in the purgatory of game design never to see the light of day. Some things in games suffer that fate. Watching Tory Ravine get smaller and smaller has been depressing. Belvast doesn't make much sense to be the location of the Divine Knights if you ask me. It's like oh look at all this empty space on this island, you know what screw it, we'll overtake Tory Ravine and shrink it, people won't care or notice right?

    in first place before the implementation of avalon gate or sanctuary, tory ravine it was just words pasted on the unknown part of belfast map, it didn't shrink heck if devcat wish they can even make tory ravine bigger than erinn
    Stolias wrote: »
    Gaea wrote: »
    Ah...well at least that's indication for g22. They can't leave it closed off forever.
    lol, yeah...
    G22: Toum, Teenyk and Jenny disappear from the Commonwealth and while helping Shayla look for them, the Milletian ventures into the mysterious Tory Ravine and encounters the 'Scary Fomors' that dwell there.

    Just an Idea based off the NPC Dialogues.
    in4 Tory Ravine is last Den of Fomors where Apostles worship their new God reside x) that's make a good neighboring for Alban Knights
  • Mabinogi Easter Egg Hunt!

    so is not possible get eggs as was in past by spamming final hit.....?