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Currently bored. Warframe all day everyday. Why did "posts" get renamed to "comments"? That much doesn't make sense to me.


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June 15, 1993
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Never meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.
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I don't use it.
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I used to be an avid Mabinogi player, but the lack of meaningful content has pushed me away from playing the main game. I still hang out on the forums for the sake of art, and because some of the people are alright. So when are we getting a new continent?
  • [Announcement] Server Merge & FAQ

    So you guys plan to use your newfound power to merge servers... to create a segregated community.


    I guess that's what I get for signing up for a dead horse in 2012.

    I have two primary feelings for this, and I can sum both feelings up in one oddball of a sentence, and here is that sentence:


    So let's break down that sentence. You're making a huge mistake by not including Alexina because you're still forcing new players into a choice whenever they begin playing for the first time. If they hadn't heard that Nao is full of the cool kids, they might just pick Alexina by mistake. I'll admit that right now even I feel a bit uncool just cuz I'm part of Alexina and won't be affected by (and will still have no reason to play after) this. While that means I know my account will be 100% unaffected by the potential problems to come, I never logged in in the first place anyways, so it hardly even matters to me what happens to my account during a merge, so I had no reason not to be excited if not at least intrigued as long as I was going to be a part of it. But obviously that didn't happen.

    [That was the part of me that wanted to come back telling you you made a mistake.]

    That brings me to the thank you part. Thank you for not including Alexina because now I don't have to worry about returning; but I will be happy to continue following the events as they happen because this is the biggest thing to happen to the game since the initial climb to powercreep brought to the game when Fighter was the newest skillset and the only skillset to execute instantly way back during simpler times. Ultimately I imagine not including Alexina to be a cautionary procedure and a second merge will happen not too long after the first one once smooth transition is confirmed and ironed, but I'm not holding my breath.

    [That was the part of me that was relieved that I wouldn't have to feel pressured by the cash shop again if I did end up coming back.]

    I'll make sure I have popcorn ready for June. I really wish this decision didn't stir up such mixed feelings in me and I could just fall into the boat of disappointment, hype, relief or despair like most other people. Good luck everyone. Also: sorry for my late post, I actually only just found out about this announcement today! Out of the loop and whatnot.
  • Dango's Art Shop Summer Discounts Event!♥[Results]

    Well this looks like fun. I return from hibernation!

    ⍟IGN/Server: Axelrod / Alexina [Please don't try to contact me there. I'm in y'alls Discord, lol]
    ⍟Style: Manga [Full Body]
    ⍟Reference: I got an album for y'all. Two characters, one pet. https://imgur.com/a/r79benb
    ⍟Description: I'm not going to be picky about this one, I would just rather the frame be active in the picture instead of lifeless; he shares the same personality as my character; witty, energetic, upbeat. You could say the cat has the same personality. We're a lively bunch. The background is blank, much like the area I took the screenshots in. Feel free to make me a transparent version too; I might have use for it some day.

    You'll notice the operator has a "Cylinder" on his right arm, you can ignore that; it's not a requirement for the drawing. I was unable to remove it for the references.

    The cat [Peaches] I've included some pictures of her without her armor to allow some artistic freedom with her features depending on what angle or pose is decided. The mask on my operator's face completely covers him except for his eyes, and his eye-color is red, like his hair color. The frame's about a head taller than the operator.

    ⍟Colouring: Yes, for sure
    ⍟Background: Black / Transparent
    ⍟Payment Type: NX for sure. Unless I get a 100% Discount, I'll have to pay no less than 10k NX, as cards do not come in any lower increments. I can do any dollar amount above that though, up to 500 on one card. It's been awhile since I've been to that store though, hopefully they'll still be in stock..

    ⍟Watermelon I choose: ♥ 11
  • Dango's Christmas Event ♥ All gifts Posted ♥

    Cool. I like the amount of detail that was put into this event. Thank you guys for putting it together for us!

    Can't wait to see the products. :D
  • Dango's Christmas Event ♥ All gifts Posted ♥

    Gonna shoot for box 3. Good luck everyone!

    Ref: https://i.imgur.com/VCfzowd.png

    Happy birthday Okamixdimsum!