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December 30, 1991
  • Are we ever going to get a button to mute bugles?

    Yes please, bugles are so damn annoying- the rare time that someone uses it for something that doesn't make you want to punch the bugler isn't worth the rest of the time where you just want to quit the game to escape from the nonstop pointless banter. Bugle is not a casual chat option, people, please stop using it as such.
  • [KR] (Update) My Little Pet

    (KR) Test Server public testing of modification of Pet Content is in the works.
    Update Notice
    -(New!) a dedicated Pet Slot has been added.
    Meant to remark on this earlier, but between what I'm gleaming from that page via Google Translate and seeing in the video I posted above, it looks like there will be a new system where you can turn monsters into tiny pets?

    Interestingly, they seem to be called Pihne Pets and use Pihne Gems that look a lot like the one used to locate Caswyn in G20. That's probably how we will be expected to be able to meet pet-type requirements for the missions without having to acquire a full-fledged pet of every type.

    ...I'm hype for this. Anyone else hype for this? XD I will take tiny babies to battle. Provided they can hit anything and aren't just Mini Pets except tinier. They're probably just Mini Pets but tinier.

    Edit: Doesn't look like you can name them- I'm guessing they can't fight. XD Sad.
  • Ornament Making Contest SUBMISSIONS

    Got this idea and just had to do it. =D
    Accidentally left my Grave of the Butterflies on, but there's only so much I want to hang around Physis waiting for snow.


    IGN: Yoriden
    Server: Nao
  • [KR] (Update) My Little Pet

    Found some footage of the pet update here.

  • Tails for Partners

    Or alternatively- just let tails be worn in the non-Style tab?

    Either way, I'd love to be able to give my new Commerce Partner a puppy dog tail to wear to match the puppy ears I gave her. It's also a shame that there's such a lack of tail options for partners when the Maid comes with a pair of her own cat ears, but yet we can't give her a matching tail.

    IGN: Yoriden
    Server: Nao