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I like how you guys nuked my thread when i showed Alexina looking miserable with broken ch1 and overall low (11% full, while Nao was 21%) population. Good job. This just proves your favoritism towards Nao server, because i know all GM's hang out in there. You never did any special streams in Alexina and now you even gave special treatment of adding additional 3 channels to Nao server. How you dare to claim these servers having similar population if you literally debunked it after adding those 3 channels??? This is a joke. This whole ignorance towards Alexina being left out is ridiculous and sad.


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October 1, 1996
  • Alexina Should have been in Nao.

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    2) A means to allow multiple copies of the same name is developed.

    I always thought it was weird when games don't allow multiples of the same name, when the solution seems pretty simple imo. It could just be because the game is old as hell, but surely they could implement something like how discord does it. Every player and every pet surely has a unique ID tied to them, right? So why isn't that the defining factor of your character's information instead of the username, you can't even name pets something that a player has already taken, or a player something that's already taken by a pet. It's as easy as 123, just (username)#4232 and have the numbers hidden, that way you can have jack#0001 and jack#0002.

    They've even done this with the nexon launcher, even though you can't do anything but launch games with it. Maybe the other games like rocket arena or something make use of the nexon ID idk, but still.

    Mhm, it was bad design from the get go. Here's the ironic part, our characters DO have a record number field but the game uses the name as the key field, I mean WHAT!?!?!?!?!

    Oh geez.. did Ferghus help with the development of this game or something? lol

    Nexon is a bunch of ferguses. :D
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  • Ee hee hee hee hee hee: life is good again!

    *confusion noises*
  • Am I missing something with the merge?

    Wow wth Alexina was fun asf 4 years ago. You would see shops and activity everywhere. I remember Tara Stonehenge in ch1 was crowded all the time back then and now you barely see people there. Also so much people used to advertise that you could barely follow chat, but now i have sometimes to recheck few times if i was actually in ch1 because of how dead chat is.
  • Darrig event drop rates.

  • Nao Alexina Merge

    They will remove this thread and not explain why, like they did with one of mine like 2 weeks ago. Even though their own CoC says that VFM's will inform you about edited or removed posts,but they didn't. And this wasn't the first time.

    EDIT: *facepalm* After i said this, they realized it's now a "GOOD" time and idea to inform me why the thread got nuked after 2 WEEKS. Really now. Smh.