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I like how you guys nuked my thread when i showed Alexina looking miserable with broken ch1 and overall low (11% full, while Nao was 21%) population. Good job. This just proves your favoritism towards Nao server, because i know all GM's hang out in there. You never did any special streams in Alexina and now you even gave special treatment of adding additional 3 channels to Nao server. How you dare to claim these servers having similar population if you literally debunked it after adding those 3 channels??? This is a joke. This whole ignorance towards Alexina being left out is ridiculous and sad.


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October 1, 1996
  • General progression

    bubafatboy wrote: »
    I've decided to no life mabi once again but the last time i played was when shyllien and hilliwen came out so im a bit unsure on what i should be focusing on and how to progress. I also learned about the server merge, and i tend to whale a bit since i do like selling and buying stuff, hows the economy for both server if i may ask?

    There are fears of decline on Alexina after the merge, but still not enough data to prove if there is a true decline.

    No proof because you aren't from Alexina, but as Alexinian i can surely tell it became more dead with each month and it's hitting records of decline more and more i'm pretty sure.
  • Guild overhaul idea

    Greta wrote: »

    its a community update use common sense

    Forums is not your social media or chat app. Use common sense.
  • Please merge Alexina and Nao

    Amaraz wrote: »
    Lots of people agree, this merge should happen just like Nao happened.

    I thought Alexina was mostly dead.

    Most Nao players I talk to would rather let Alexina fade into obscurity.

    So proud of this community.
  • [PART 3] Fantastic Memory Relay Event

    I just grab big brush, clean it as best and fast as possible and done. Easy.
    Radiant Dawn
  • What if Nexon sold gold and ducats?

    What if Nexon sold old gachas for gold? Imagine this god tier gold sink.