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Apparently I got someone's attention. People even talk about me in Facebook groups lmao. Still curious what he meant by calling me " monster warrior". Why would you care anyway, right? NO ONE CARES.


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October 1, 1996
  • ..........nexon pls fix dis kind of thing...maybe?

    Liida wrote: »

    You mean fix people's minds and preferences?
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  • Alexina Should have been in Nao.

    Sebastian wrote: »

    I think what Greta means here is that the fact Nao's population was communicated as being similar to Alexina (the only reason they had stated Alexina wouldn't be merged), and then the population subsequently requiring extra channels to handle all the strain of several channels being decently filled in comparison to Alexina being essentially empty, spare channel 1, is kind of a smack in the face. But I could be wrong so they're free to correct me if need be.

    Also this last part annoys me... "if Alexina gets more populated"... you and I both know this isn't going to happen if at the height of the Master Plan there wasn't even a boost in player attendance on Alexina. Channel 1 hasn't been full in ages. Meanwhile Nao is over here with a decent portion of her channels nearly full or busy.

    THANK YOU. Especially for pointing things out in last paragraph. Alexina is doomed and i saw it happening the moment they announced the choice of the merge.
    They LIED and now pretend like nothing is going on. So typical of Nexon.
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  • Alexina Should have been in Nao.

    Lokitin wrote: »
    Also, economies don’t crash because of the ease of making gold, it happens when there’s SO many people who get the same rare gacha items and compete in pricing—everyone going lower than the last because they want to sell quickly. That’s been my experience, anyway.

    I don't see how selling gacha for "cheap" was the cause of inflation by the way.
    It's clearly because of people who farmed gold to sell it for real money. That's how so much gold generated in the game. I see people buying/selling gold every day and there's no way to stop it until people start massively reporting these people.

    Alexina must be merged. It's dead. There's barely any people doing anything in there. I miss times like 4 years ago when you would barely find an empty space to place a shop in Dunbarton, there would be shops around Dunbarton Moongate and always people running around, buying, selling and chatting. Months before AH update. there sometimes would be one or two free spots for a shop in a square, but now... There's like what? 5 shops at square in total? Even Belvast is dead too, only the first block is filled with shops instead of both like it used to be, even with AH update.
    Even the dam spam chat bots have quit lol. There was none in Belvast when i went there few days ago.
  • [FINISHED] ~Joeii's Freebie Art Pop-up Shop~

    Yuyun wrote: »
    Yummei wrote: »
    Yuyun wrote: »
    That is SO PRETTY *A*
    I really do love it!
    Thank you for drawing my character!

    Yaay! ^ u ^ You're welcome~! :D

    Greta wrote: »
    Hi! Your art is really good!

    You can try out my character if she interests you~ <3


    And sorryy, your char really looks cool, but I'm only doing 5 freebies and you're the 6th :X

    R.I.P. i didn't notice that. But it's okay though. :D
  • Alexina Should have been in Nao.

    False hopes won't help, we need facts. For now we have a fact that Alexina is not merged and GM's clearly doesn't want us to merge any time soon. We need confirmation first.