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October 12, 1987
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"For of all sad words of tongue or pen, The saddest are these: 'It might have been'"
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6'6'' Giant IRL. Tarlach native. In love and life with Krin, whom I met in Mabi and intend to marry IRL soon. Lover of all animal-ear/monster-girl.
  • Signed Items: Thoughts?

    I just recently acquired Dan3 in all life skills and I really enjoy signing my works. It's one of the few ways I have fun playing Mabi any more. And I have a handful of patterns/manuals that don't exist any more, or are from 10yr old events. One-offs that people might only ever see because I made them.

    And who knows how much they are worth? I sure as heck don't. But they end up going out there and getting worn by people and the thought of it makes me smile. :)

    [laughs in lv100 Ego]

    Saved every single gem I got. Something like 50 pets full, all alts. Not a single one sold. Picked up so many gems people dropped because there were too many. All poured into my ego. I was ready. You should have been, too.

    You want gems fast? Spam nowhere to run, or any money-making mission and buy them. You had 2 events in the last 6 months that rained gems.
  • Find the different puppet

    Came up with this last night and it has been foolproof so far. Highest probability of success.
    If you hit a red-marked puppet and it says it is incorrect, but the correct one is nearby, it will always be one of the puppets immediately surrounding it. So it's just a process of elimination from there.

    Always a chance that it will not be in these corners, of course, but by that time you will have few hits left and will be relying purely on luck.

  • Extra Life Children's Hospitals Charity Event

    Hello fellow Milletians!

    I would like to bring to your attention a 24-hour gaming event to raise money for children's hospitals that is running from Saturday, Nov 2nd through Sunday, Nov 3rd.

    Here is the link to the charity's main page:

    Here you can choose to donate, participate, or simply enjoy the multitude of streams from players around the world.

    Here is the link to the team I will be joining:

    And here is a link directly to my page:

    I will be streaming with my VR headset, playing a variety of VR games.

    And since I am making this post, I ask that any donations are made to my page. 100% of the resulting donations will go to Extra-Life, they will just count toward my personal fundraising goal.

    Most questions should be answered by browsing the above links, but if not, feel free to ask me anyway!

    Hopefully this doesn't violate any TOS. Apologies in advance if this thread has to be closed because of that.

    Thanks for looking!

  • post your best mabinogi meme


    Blue Eyes White Chicken?
    GretaKensamaofmariWolfsingerSherriRadiant DawnKaiwythTwistedxFatepawcalypseAlexLight