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  • Which Combat Talents Feel The Most Awesome to You?

    It depends what is meant by the question: what looks the best, what IS the best, and so on.

    For aestetics I think duel guns "looks" the best, but I found it to be kinda meh in use. In terms of usefulness, I voted transmutation. It's boring, it's slow, and it's underappreciated, but when you are completely outclassed by the situation, it has the best chance of getting you through.
  • How often do you buy NX?

    I started out as an "I'm never gonna buy NX" player. I was managing but then Nexon had a free 20k NX giveaway to everyone. It might've been as a result of some maintenance gone wrong; I forget. But anyway, the end result was that it was like a pusher handing out free crack cocaine in the play ground; I've been buying ever since.
  • Name change? Where is it?

    It works overseas already, so it is ready to go, but first they have to fix all the stuff that broke as a result of the merge.

    As for allowing for unlimited name duplication; that will take some time.
  • which server are you moving to?

    This post contains speculation.

    The merge didn't happen because of what was said in these forums, it happened in spite of them. The merge happened when it did and how it did because the metrics compelled Nexon to perform it.
  • Alexina Should have been in Nao.

    Greta wrote: »
    I don't give zero craps about any of my names, just merge us already. People already made Nexon to do so much unnecessary chores in order for "everyone" keep their names with some ugly broken ass server tags and now look what's happening. People can't leave/join guilds, broken (literally) marriages, blackrobed pets and pet name change cards will most likely never come here... I don't mind if i log in after the merge and was made to re-name my all pets and characters upon logging into or summoning any of them.

    I don't give a crap either. Yesterday for example, I found out someone on Nao has already snagged "Helsa" and yet I slept like a baby. But it does matter to a lot of other people and their feelings matter. It is a problem but it is a fixable problem. Nexon will try to fix it before merging Alexina in, unless circumstance forces them to act earlier than planned.
    SherriRadiant DawnSakura2503