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  • One year Anniversary

    Greta wrote: »
    Thet literally took that current time's player count and thought "Yeah, it will be same!".

    I think that is precisely what they did. But even that was based on the flawed idea that the merge should not be a complete one. Before the announcement, I said that they should either do a complete merge or none at all, that an incomplete merge would be the worst outcome. That's what we got and I think it was. Had it been a full merge then the naming fiasco would be behind ALL of us now. It's not like it came as a surprise, nearly ALL the talk about the merge, before it happened centered on character names.

    Now, what happens if the conditions arise that forced the merge in the first place, leading to a final merge. The folks on Nao will say that they've been through the name issue once and should not have to go through it again. The folks on Alexina will say that it is unfair that just because they were left out of the original merge, by Nexons hand alone, that it is unfair to them to automatically be forced to forfeit their names. Both sides are right. Either one side just loses or Nexon has to change how names work. Either of these could have been avoided had the merge been a full one, and that is not the community or any part of the community's fault.
  • One year Anniversary

  • All These Expiring Event-Items Need Their Own Bag~

    The reason folks are running out of space is because they are stuffed to the gills with crap they can't put on pets, can't transfer, and can't sell. Make EVERYTHING saleable, and our inventory problems will clear up in short order.
  • AH Suggestions

    A seller doesn't need to know the name of a rival seller to undercut prices. They see the lowest price, they undercut it, name not required. There is no need to know a sellers name other than to threatten them. All that metters is what is on sale and at what price.
  • Bags

    If you can nest bags then you might as well set up regular inventory to hold infinite stuff. I mean tha'd be great and all but um yeah.