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The pen may be mighier than the sword but the shovel is mightier than the pen.
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I like Italian food.
  • I Got #Check-Mated by a Bunch of Knights...

    How did a Russian get his a$$ handed to him in chess; that's their national sport.
  • Jousting Finals

    Both servers had finals this week, so it will take me a little bit longer to get them posted; stay tuned.
  • Are you bored? Tell us about it.

    Wolfsinger wrote: »
    All its done is tell me I relate to Paige in a way I never thought I would XDD

    Well, I'm clearly Jason but without the outie.
  • Yay! A Video About... ALIENS! Released TODAY! =D

    Oh please. Bob Lazar said they were fueled with element 115 because it's is unusually stable. Well, Moscovium, yes that's what it's called, which should be on one of the islands of stability isn't stable. So, so much for all of that balony. On a side note, I REALLY wanted element 115 to be called Elerium, but no we had to get boring Moscovium.
  • What Do You Do During Server-Maintenance ? [Poll]

    Wolfsinger wrote: »
    courtneyy wrote: »
    Wolfsinger wrote: »
    I've found myself getting back into Minecraft because some friends of my brother who I've been playing with on occasion invited me to their server.
    I've also discovered, in the process of this, that trying to hollow out and make a home out of a previously huge mountain of sand is actually more frustrating and tear-inducing than using said sand to hollow out and make a home out of an ocean monument.

    Which, side note, I actually did do once. In survival. It took over 3 months to completely drain out and kill every block of water in one of those things. Course, now there's this thing called a conduit apparently which apparently allows one to breathe underwater? that could have bypassed that whole process, BUT I get some bizarre bragging rights........?

    Minecraft, I have discovered, is but another step to insanity. What isn't secretly horror, anyway XDD

    Ohhh man I've been on the minecraft train now for at least a year or two again. Playing it pretty much daily. I have explored so many multiplayer servers and come to realize that there's soooo much to do in minecraft haha. It pulls me away from mabi and I'm finding it alot more enjoyable lately :P

    Lol nice. I ended up kinda moving away from minecraft because it was getting a bit boring solo, and I was having a lot of bad or meh experiences on public servers. Even playing with my one friend there, things around us just kept going a little wrong a bit too often. So it feels a little weird playing again....I haven't been around since before the Villager update, there's a LOT that's different. But its pretty cool
    What's something you have to 'brag' about from this game of insanity? XD

    When you know how to redstone without looking things up the game is Suh WEEET!