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The pen may be mighier than the sword but the shovel is mightier than the pen.
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I like Italian food.
  • Introducing the Mabinogi Discord Server!

    Dischord server?
  • Jousting Tournament times

    Would more people participate if there was a weekly jousting statue like the fashion one?

    I don't think it would hurt. Some folks like to see their name up in lights, so for such people it would be incentive. With the fashion winner, their statue remains until another contest is held and a new champion declared, meaning the most recent champion remains the "current" champion; not unlike the Toronto Raptors. So, in the case of a long spell of no finals, people may get tired of seeing the same statue and make the effort to replace it.
  • Point Attendance Event

    I haven't spent any yet because I haven't looked into it; I'm just piling the points up for now. On the last day I'll spend the points; this is usually how I handle these things.
  • Jousting Finals

    2020 June 28
    Alexina had 10-1 and its' final can be found here, while Nao had 8-1 and its' final can be found here.

    Twice a year, I publish the jouster rankings for each server. The rankings for Alexina, as of the first half of this year can be found here, while those of Nao can be found here.
  • Are you bored? Tell us about it.

    Wolfsinger wrote: »
    Anyone played the new nether update in minecraft?
    It has me bouncing between being in awe at how terrifyingly beautiful the nether is to once more hating it every step I go.

    Though the trip through a bastian with my brother has brought a few more funny stories to share at some later date, once one's pride has recovered from that experience XD

    I have not but I understand that in a circumlocative way they have put custom worlds back in. If that's the case I'll start playing again since that is what I've been waiting years for.