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  • Please merge Alexina and Nao Mk V

    The last time anything was mentioned, about this, was more than 30 days ago. So, I'm creating a new thread, as per site policy, because we wouldn't want the powers that be to think that this issue has gone away now would we.

    Please merge Alexina and Nao.

    Helsa0151 of Alexina

    Just ignore events you don't care about, many people do. The biggest problem with events in general is that many of the items are not transferable or saleable. So, you either throw them on the ground or try to stuff them somewhere until eventually you puke; kinda pointless.
  • One year Anniversary

    Sebastian wrote: »
    Helsa wrote: »
    By "slap everyone together" did you mean in 2019 or 2008? I want to know Nexon's thinking in both cases.

    I meant the merge, where they decided to leave Alexina on the bench. Don't know much about what 2008 could be referring to, I joined 5 years after the fact

    2008 is when they originally set-up the servers.
    Crims wrote: »
    Helsa wrote: »
    CMKyrios wrote: »
    There isn't anything special planned for the merge anniversary. :(

    It hadn't even occurred to me that the date is in 2 days until after I read this thread.

    Yeah, so anyway could you find out why it wasn't a full merge and, indeed, why we ever had separate "servers" at all?

    Because back then it was necessary. This game is now 12 years old and obviously doesn't have as many players as back then. They are not going to be able to give the answers you are looking for. They are not allowed to.

    You're making a few assumptions though. You're assuming that we have multiple servers for load reasons. Maybe that's the case but we really don't know. You're also assuming that the real reason things were set up this way and continue to be so, would be upsetting to know. Says who? If they are, in fact, avoiding answering you've just given them something to use as a reply, true or not.
  • One year Anniversary

    Sebastian wrote: »
    To be honest, and I know it's selfish, but I had to fight a very long battle for the name I have now and if all that was for naught I might just go insane, and all because they didn't just slap everyone together the first time (and created a significant divide in the playerbase in not doing so).

    Helsa wrote: »

    I just thought of another problem. People have actually paid for name change service, ON BOTH SERVERS. So, automatically you can't just say "too bad Alexina". I think Nexon would like to avoid forcing someone away from their "paid for" name. Since such folks are on both servers, finding who should be protected by virtue of having paid for their name becomes quite the book keeping problem. They're just gonna have to substitute away from using character name and server of residence as the primary key. They ought to do it, from a business point of view, as it will likely lead to more paid name change requests.

    And this is a problem ENTIRELY of their making. We, in the community, are in no way at fault. By "slap everyone together" did you mean in 2019 or 2008? I want to know Nexon's thinking in both cases.
  • So...Keanu Reeves is some sort of Legend...

    The exception to the rule, of course, is me. So, go ahead and worship me; I'm awesome! :)