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  • Did you all manage to get your desired names?

    Gaea wrote: »
    Greta wrote: »
    As "We" who are you refering to? Speak for yourself and not for the whole community, okay?

    I know you're angry about this but it's pretty safe to assume that after EVERYTHING that went down recently that THEY are not going to be doing this again. It's also pretty safe to assume there will be a riot if we have to scramble for names again.

    ...Now to clarify for the trigger happy mods around here, I'm not saying I would incite a riot but it's PRETTY SAFE TO ASSUME that rest of the community would be pissed.

    Yeah things could of been done differently but whats done is done. They are not going back. They are moving forward. There has been enough drama and they are not going to create more drama.

    Of course they will merge Alexina in. Why were the servers merged in the first place? Because folks on the forums complained? Hardly. They merged them because they had to; those servers were dying. This whole name business has been a mess, and they knew it would be which is why they took so long to decide to do the merge, but they had to do it and do it now. Look at the results: Nao has 2.5 times the population of Alexina; that means, on average, each of the three servers are contributing 83% the population of Alexina each. Before the merge Mari was about 65% the population of Alexina. Folks moving from Alexina doesn't come close to explaining those numbers; it's people coming back to the game because they're on a vibrant server now. The merge worked! Why wouldn't they want the same for their customers on Alexina? The name solutions now, are a short term bandaid. They want to have a better solution in the future, that won't have these problems, and would prefer to have one before merging Alexina. If the circumstances that forced them to act on June 3 happen to Alexina before they are ready, then they will act again.

    Bottom line: compare the number of folks who had unhappy naming issues versus the number of those who didn't plus all the one that came back because of the merge AND all the ones from Alexina that will come back too. If Nexon faces a zero-sum situation, damned if they do/damned if they don't, they might as well pick the dragon that not only gives them more happy clients but gives them more clients overall.

    Alexina will be merged in; it's inevitable.
  • NaO SeRveR PoPUlaTIon WiLL bE SimILaR tO aLeXiNA

    Lokitin wrote: »
    Uhh, so the population IS unbalanced and Alexina players were right? Was the wording messed up?

    I’m not sure if the server population meters are based on currently logged players, or total created characters. The Alexina meter has been steadily dropping since the merge so I’ll assume it has to do with logged players (otherwise a BUNCH of people are deleting their Alexina characters rather than just making a new account). I remember comparing the meters a few days after the merge and they were nearly equal, which is what I expected. It’ll be interesting to see whether Alexina players move back once the hype dies and the merge events end. If this trend continues/stays then I think it’s pretty likely Alexina will be absorbed into Nao, too.

    It is live log-ins. There are several reasons for the discrepancy, but the main reason is that the merge was very successful.

    With regards to cross server changing:
    - initially, some folks shocked by the large population on Nao may have made characters on Alexina, but after a while they realized that they could just keep their well developed character on Nao and just not visit the hyper-busy channels, unless they have to, so they stayed with Nao.
    - Some folks moved from Alexina to Nao because it feels like Alexina 2013 all over again, while some have not moved in a big way because they expect Alexina to be merged as well, before too long. Personally, I have some characters on Nao, which I am logging into regularly, but I'm not doing anything major with them other than participating in the Jousting mini-game.

    While server jumping is contributing to the population discrepancy, I think the major reason is that folks native to the three merged servers have decided to come back to Mabinogi, since they are no longer on lightly active servers. Nao has about 2.5 times the population of Alexina. Averaged over three servers that means they all are averaging about 83% the population of Alexina. The bulk of that is, I think, unexpected returns. In other words, name issues notwithstanding, the merge worked.

    In the real world, people have to buy food and pay their rent or mortgage; they MUST spend money. In games you don't have to. Over time, between more people joining a game or everyone getting more gold-and-stuff, the overall economy gets wealthier and wealthier; this can't be avoided. Inflation is inevitable. To be immune to inflation means you have to be wealthy. If you don't want to be someone who spends real world money to generate in-game wealth, which is the fastest way into the patrician class in these games, then you either have to grind it out or do buy low/sell high. Grinding is slower, while Buy Low/Sell High requires an iron stomach and a lot of research. Standing around in Tir Chonail or Dunbarton chatting, doesn't generate wealth; just sayin'.
  • Name change? Where is it?

    It works overseas already, so it is ready to go, but first they have to fix all the stuff that broke as a result of the merge.

    As for allowing for unlimited name duplication; that will take some time.
  • Alexina Should have been in Nao.

    Greta wrote: »
    I don't give zero craps about any of my names, just merge us already. People already made Nexon to do so much unnecessary chores in order for "everyone" keep their names with some ugly broken ass server tags and now look what's happening. People can't leave/join guilds, broken (literally) marriages, blackrobed pets and pet name change cards will most likely never come here... I don't mind if i log in after the merge and was made to re-name my all pets and characters upon logging into or summoning any of them.

    I don't give a crap either. Yesterday for example, I found out someone on Nao has already snagged "Helsa" and yet I slept like a baby. But it does matter to a lot of other people and their feelings matter. It is a problem but it is a fixable problem. Nexon will try to fix it before merging Alexina in, unless circumstance forces them to act earlier than planned.
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