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  • Tune for the event

    Iyasenu wrote: »
    Good ol' Yvona renown type of scroll.
    Handy for this event.

    If you want to make it EXACTLY 300 notes and EXACTLY 1 Minute, then remove ONE 'r' and change the tempo from 74 to 75.
  • Tune for the event

    Here paste this into a scroll:

    It's 301 notes and just under 61 seconds . . . just in case.
  • Please merge Alexina and Nao MkII

    Choose one thread to absorb the others.

    Ash thread durbatulûk, ash thread gimbatul,ash thread thrakatulûk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul.
  • Alby Normal is too hard

    Aren't giants supposed to use stomp to get out of tough situations?

    Meh, I use stomp to open chests; that's about it, especially now since you can't stomp through walls anymore.

    Cho wrote: »
    I don't know where you guys live, but I can't act after "rock throw". It doesn't "link" into anything. All I can do is take the hit unless it decides to strafe you instead of attacking you directly.

    Throw rock has no knock back, stun, or ice-like slowing effects, as such monsters do react instantly to it. In that regard it is inferior to a magic bolt for getting monsters attention, but I am able to load defend or counter in time and I live in Eastern Canada. But if that timing is too sketchy for some then just loose an arrow to get a monsters attention; a new player has but to hold a bow to be able to shoot arrows.
    I am asking because of the several prerevamp variants that are far easier and which are required. I don't particularly see a need to make Alby Normal easier if there's no incentive to run it anyway; enchant training is the only reason why'd I ever run it.

    There is incentive for beginners since it provides a good balance between being challenging and possible.
    Cho wrote: »
    There's Alby Beginner and Ciar Beginner but leaving Alby normal as is just because "no incentive to run it anyway" is just as bad as leaving untranslated text or glitches in the game imo. It's being apathetic and making a choice to ignore the problem. This isn't in Feedback and Suggestions since I just wanted to see what others thought about this.

    Here I agree with you, since the argument "who cares" is not a good enough one for an academic discussion.
    Cho wrote: »
    But I'm not really convinced that there needs to be extra steps involved (getting beginner passes from Trefor) just to make Alby Normal easier. It makes sense with Ciar since the Golem is a challenge of a boss. Golem crits are where players used to get the "experienced Death" title so it makes sense to have a small golem for beginners.

    If the idea is that because a brand new character run by someone whom doesn't know how to play the game yet can't just fumble their way through the dungeon anyway means that Alby is too hard then here I do disagree. The pass from Trefor makes the dungeon for that kind of cake walk.
    Cho wrote: »
    Iyasenu wrote: »
    I still don't understand why Giants can't at least use Throw Rock.

    Rock Throw's description describes it as a taunt and Giants get their own race-exclusive AoE taunt as well as Throwing attack so it makes sense they don't get it. For play dead, I think it's because they wanted Giants to be tank focused at the time (Taunt, Vales Shield, Windguard. Stomp, etc.) and it's contradictory to give a Tank an aggro dropping action.

    Yeah, the lack of throw rock AND play dead, which both predate Taunt and Windguard, shows that Nexon intended giants to tank. The addition of the latter two skills is pretty clear that Nexon was trying to allow for setting up WoWc style raiding parties. The thing is ice bolt makes the point of not allowing throw rock moot but pointless. That's why I got ice bolt, so many years ago, in the first place; so I could draw monsters out of groups one at a time.
  • Skipping Christmas

    Since, my little brother is 20 now, for Christmas, I bought him a bottle of 12-year-old Glenlivet. Nevermind his face, I can't wait to see my parents faces! Tee hee.