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  • Issues with Alyn quests-

    Nanoca wrote: »
    ForeRunia wrote: »
    The event details specifically states "When gathering wool, it must be gathered with a gathering knife only."

    You're teaching the small child how to do this. Her character model isn't there with you, but in the dialogue it's implied she is. Don't use a bigger or heavier knife than she can hold. Teach her properly or she'll hurt herself.
    Plus a gathering knife is like 80g. Pretty sure some mob somewhere drops one too. Can't remember what off the top of my head, but there's no way I enchanted one to be Windy lmao

    Again, I had a dagger handy, and IIRC the bit about having to use a gathering knife was added after a number of players were going "What?" when logic left the stadium.(check the "help" section to see some of the threads)..
    An example of some weirdness- people reported success using a sickle.

    I am half tempted to try using a pickaxe or gathering hatchet, just to see if that also works.

    Yep, that'd be me. Not sure if anyone else :3. Both days (cuz Eluned asks for wool 2 times) I have used the sickle and succeeded.
  • Uplifting Event

    Beryl wrote: »
    The premise might be depressing but that makes the goal of helping her become independent that much more uplifting, don't you think?

    Maybe so, but her parents did just decide they didn't want her anymore :)). The idea of helping her grow is nice but she is still unwanted.
    Still want the doll
  • Mabinogi Easter Egg Hunt!

    Sherri wrote: »
    Oh boy, RNGesus is taking the wheel again

    Yes indeed, but the guaranteed Doll Bag is nice :3
  • Festival Troublemakers Spawn Times?

    Arjune wrote: »
    you don't need all 3 animal items to finish the quest btw :) you only need to find and hunt 1 animal / item and turn that in

    Well I was unaware of this, thank you for the info. @u@
  • Login Screen Design Art Contest

    Greta wrote: »
    Just a sudden thought now. I'm PRETTY sure that EU prize (Festia Merchant Set F or M by choice) is not even close to worth of 100 dollars, which NA players will be getting as a prize instead. Really unfair when you think that way. Also, poor Australia and other countries that aren't in NA or EU. They get nothing.

    Also, through grinding, are those items not already obtainable by anyone in game?
    But yeah, kinda confusing as to why EU cannot get the NX but c'est la vie ^^. If I do join, it will be for the title, not merchant outfit.