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  • What happens to the shurikens people already have?

    Do we just have to make new ones because they decided to raise the artisan stats?

    Well, if you consider your shurikens were doing enough damage, you can keep them.
    But if you want the best of the best, yes, you have to make new ones (assuming you can't remove artisan).
  • Fez & Tia's Hotdays

    I just noticed that Fez & Tia combine into Feztia, Festia. Gosh, I'm slow.

    Yay! I'm not the only one! My friends made fun of me when I realized it...
    But I knew about Reno, Vay and Tion :D

  • Requesting 5 day extention for Balloon Pony event

    Most will probably disagree with me, but I think Nexon should have limited the number of days to 23, instead of 24.
    That way, everyone get only one pony, and no would complain about not being able to get 2 of them, and no one would come asking for an extension (23 days for 12 carrots is more than enough).

    I'm not saying 24 days is bad (I would enjoy 2 ponies instead of one as much as anyone else), just that removing one day would have prevented saltiness among players
  • Fix Events! (Less AFK events)

    Menuoden wrote: »
    But it's not just bad because of the unpredictable RNG...
    A good RNG is supposed to be unpredictable, that's one of the main reason they exists.
    So you're actually saying that mabi's RNG isn't that bad :trollface:

  • Hair Storage Coupon, my hair color is papaya?

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    Yikes. That doesn't seem right. :o :#

    Papaya (in the game) is literally this color. (a green; like you said).

    You can test the accuracy of the color sim with other names, as they're used in the game. (e.g. Salmon).
    As far as I know, the color simulator is intended for previewing the color of a character based on its name.
    You can't just use it for anything color related, as many of the color name and their hex value are hardcoded.
    Trying few hair color (Violet, Blonde, Brown, Red, Earthlike...) shows no relation at all between the name and the color.